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Increasing support for vaccine patent waiver as India confirms record Covid death

India: New Covid-19 cases

International support has risen against the US proposal to waive the coveted coronavirus vaccine patent on Thursday as India posted record deaths and infections from the devastating waves that struck the country. It was.

Rich countries, in contrast to deregulation in Europe and the United States, have a surge in viruses throughout developing countries, while poor countries struggle to get their vaccination programs on track. I am facing the accusation that I am accumulating.

WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the announcement was “a monumental moment in the fight against Covid-19.”

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European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen recently said he was reluctant to waive his patent, but said Brussels was ready to discuss the proposal.

“This pandemic has taught us that we can only win together,” said Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza.

-Bad news for major pharmaceutical companies-

Stock prices of Asian-listed vaccine makers such as Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, Cancino Biologics and JCR Pharmaceutical Thinking fell on Thursday after the US announcement.

Opponents argue that the move undermines intellectual property rights, erodes profit incentives, and ultimately affects drug research and development.

India has led the fight to enable more pharmaceutical companies to produce vaccines as it faces a surge in patient deaths on streets outside hospitals due to lack of beds and medical oxygen. I did.

India’s top executives warned Wednesday that the worst could still come, saying the third wave was “unavoidable given the high levels of circulating viruses,” the country said elsewhere. He said he was in great need of more oxygen from the country.

According to a new survey, last year’s pandemic put about 230 million Indians in poverty, hitting young people and women the most. The current second wave could make things worse.

In addition, the number of cases of coronavirus is increasing in Egypt. Egypt has curbed the epidemic by announcing the partial closure of malls and restaurants and canceling the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday festival.

The Eid festival is also facing turmoil in Malaysia, which is dominated by Muslims. New rules in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, prohibit business and restaurant dining after more than 3,000 recent daily incidents.

Argentina joined India to break the Covid-19 death record this week, with 633 people in 24 hours on Wednesday, despite enhanced measures to reduce the movement of people across the country. Recorded the dead.

Also, in the sports world, expectations for the Tokyo Olympics have increased as Pfizer / BioNTech announced that it will provide vaccines to athletes.

The United States has killed about 580,000 and is the most affected country, with Brazil over 414,000 and India over 230,000.

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Increasing support for vaccine patent waiver as India confirms record Covid death

Source link Increasing support for vaccine patent waiver as India confirms record Covid death

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