Increasing importance of SPC and food safety

The ongoing pandemic of COVID continues to affect everyday life and is projected to continue for some time. Prioritizing hygiene has become a concern for Australian consumers and may become a new standard as we adapt our daily lives. In these uncertain times, consumers are increasingly looking for food security, security, and reliable brands. Providing safe food options that support both the local agricultural economy and the food production economy is more important than ever for the food industry.

SPC is a proud Australian fruit and vegetable manufacturer based in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. SPC is working on an important role to play in Australia’s economy and manufacturing. Local producers provide clean, green and safe produce produced in full compliance with the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).

The SPC manufacturing site in Sheparton is regularly tested and audited against the world’s most stringent food safety and environmental standards. This includes a comprehensive quality management system that guarantees farm-to-plate traceability.

The SPC ProVital Diced and Puree Fruit Cup Package was specially developed in collaboration with the Australian Arthritis Accessible Design Department and aims to provide accessible fruit snacks for consumers with fine athletic performance problems. This award-winning and innovative packaging design provides a seal that is easy to grip and optimized to reduce opening force while ensuring food safety.

The use of individually sealed, partially controlled fruit cups is ideal for infection control management as it reduces the risk of infection associated with food handling. It also reduces the waste associated with using the bulk format, which requires the serve to be split individually. Food waste and sustainability in these uncertain times are other important considerations for all Australians. The SPC ProVital Fruit Cup has been recognized by the Australian Packaging Institute as contributing to the reduction of food waste.1

Juice SPC ProVital diced fruit

SPC ProVital’s diced fruit range is manufactured using state-of-the-art “cold fill” technology for vibrant fruit colors, consistent textures, and gentle processing to secure fruit cuts. I am. This will create a delicious treat based on the natural goodness of the fruit.

SPC Provital Fruit Puree

SPC ProVital Level 4 Puree’s delicious, nutritious, well-blended fruit-based products are designed and rigorously tested to meet the rigorous guidelines for IDDSI food and beverage classification of Level 4 puree foods. .. This type of texture modification diet may be recommended for people with dysphagia. This is the difficulty of swallowing food and water.Dysphagia can occur for several reasons, including stroke, Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, and dementia.2..

New arrival! SPC ProVital Dice Fruit Variety Pack – Now Available!

SPC ProVital is excited to announce the launch of the SPC ProVital Diced Fruit. With a 12-count variety pack. Ideal for home use or in medical facilities. Delicious flavors include diced peaches, two diced fruits, and diced fruit salad. Each 120 g cup provides the natural taste of Australian fruits. Please contact Jelica Vrkic ( For more information.

1. June 2016: SPC ProVital® Easy Open Cup was awarded in the Food Services category of the Australian Packaging Institute (AIP) / World Packaging Organization (WPO) Save Food Packaging Awards. This new award recognizes companies developing innovative and sustainable packages that minimize food loss and food waste.

2. Swallow the fact sheet. Speech Pathology Australia. Available @

Increasing importance of SPC and food safety

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