Increasing cases of COVID-19 in Xian, China

Xi’An in the northwest has reported an increase in daily COVID-19 infections in China, and local businesses curtailed activity as China’s latest COVID-19 hotspot entered the third day of the blockade.

According to official data, 75 domestic cases of confirmed symptoms were detected on Friday in 13 million cities. This is the highest number of days in a year, reversing the decline from the previous day.

In a city in the south of Shenzhen, five passengers arriving on Wednesday on a flight from Los Angeles tested positive for the coronavirus, and on December 24, three were confirmed to be infected with Omicron, the Chinese state. Broadcasting station CCTV reported.

Xi’An, which launched a new round of mass testing on Saturday, announced that it was free of infections caused by Omicron variants. Nationally, China reports a small number of Omicron infections with international travelers and in southern China.

The number of locally infectious symptomatic cases in Xi’An is 330 from December 9 to 24, which is low compared to the outbreaks in many other countries, but the city is in line with Beijing’s policy as much as possible. It imposes time-consuming measures to quickly contain local infections.

Residents are prohibited from leaving the town without permission from their employer or local government, and only one household can purchase essentials every two days. Other families cannot leave the home without significant work or urgent issues approved by their employer or community.

“So far, the turning point for the outbreak has not yet come and strict control is needed,” Zhang Boli, who helped shape China’s early COVID-19 response and treatment, told state media. ..

Local authorities were also punished for the outbreak, and domestic flights scheduled to leave the city on Friday were cancelled.

Chinese military supplier XiAnChen Xi Aviation Technology said late Friday that it had stopped production due to an outbreak that was expected to undermine operating profit in 2021.

Western Securities said Friday that its branch office based in Xi’an has stopped providing face-to-face services to its customers.

The oncology hospital said on Saturday that its outpatient department and emergency room stopped accepting patients due to COVID-19 after several other hospitals made similar moves.

National figures in China confirmed 87 locally symptomatic cases on Friday. This increased from 55 the day before. There were 53 confirmed cases among international travelers.

Increasing cases of COVID-19 in Xian, China

Source link Increasing cases of COVID-19 in Xian, China

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