In the airport lounge, the vial changed to a vaccine hub on the way


“The freezer is all empty, switched on and ready,” said Professor Stuart.

In one of the largest logistics operations in the medical sector in recent history, hotel quarantine and airport workers were the first Victorias to be vaccinated with COVID-19 when Pfizer’s deployment began. Become people in the morning.

Starting Monday, approximately 300 airline crew members, customs officers, cargo handlers, and other airport workers will be vaccinated daily at the new vaccination hub at Melbourne Airport, operated by Western Health.

Last week, all chairs were removed from the International Departure Lounge, which was largely abandoned by travelers due to the pandemic, giving way to the Vaccine Hub.

Ten cubicles are installed so that 10 people can be vaccinated at one time. A private reception, observation area and pharmacy are also on site.

“In seven days, we have become a very state-of-the-art vaccination hub from the departure lounge,” said Kylie Roper, manager of the new vaccination unit.

Rachel Hogben, a nurse manager in the intensive care unit at Monash Medical Center, will be one of the first to get the vaccine. On Friday, they experienced a dry run of the Caird / Pool Image

Victoria will initially be vaccinated with 11,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine each week to vaccinate 170,000 front-line workers, including staff working in the state’s troubled hotel quarantine system.

“This is a very important milestone and probably the beginning of the end of the pandemic,” said Martin Foley, Minister of Health of Victoria, Friday.

“But that does not reduce the need to continue all the measures we are taking. Social distance, wearing masks, disinfecting hands. All of these measures remain important for some time. . “

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews receives a jab from a local doctor when it’s his turn.

“We want to see frontline workers get it and the most risky workers get it,” Andrews said on Friday.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he would receive the Pfizer vaccine “very soon” during the first stages of the rollout.

Other political leaders, including Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, will wait for the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is expected to be available from March.

Pfizer Vaccination Hub was founded by Austin Health, Monash Health, Western HealthLeads efforts to provide early vaccines to vulnerable people, including the most risky workers in Victoria and those living in elderly housing with care.

Monash Health has the ability to receive approximately 180,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, the first COVID-19 vaccine to be approved by the regulatory authorities in Australia. Pfizer vials should be kept at minus 70 degrees.

Professor Stuart estimates that more than 100 healthcare workers and dozens of elderly caregivers will be vaccinated on Monday.

Hotel quarantine and vaccinations for other workers will be staggered at the same time to prevent many staff from getting sick in a warning from the Therapeutic Goods Department last week. Approved use of Pfizer vaccine in Australia – It can have some short-term side effects.

Austin Hospital has a dedicated Pfizer hub for healthcare professionals, who will vaccinate more than 10,000 people in the coming months.

Western Health oversees hospital vaccination hubs at Sunshine Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital in Parkville.


“We expect the vaccine to arrive at Sunshine Hospital on Sunday … and we will transport it. [a small amount] “To the airport early on Monday,” said Shane Crow, Secretary-General of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Health.

Healthcare professionals in the coronavirus ward, intensive care unit, emergency department, and COVID-19 cotton stick laboratories and screening clinics will all begin vaccination on Monday morning.

Once the vaccine is removed from the ultra-low temperature freezer, it can be thawed and stored in a regular refrigerator for up to 5 days. That is, authorities need to move quickly to administer all available doses between priority groups.

“When removing a vial from a regular vaccine refrigerator, it must be prepared and used within 6 hours,” says Professor Stuart. “Therefore, there are rigorous steps to make the vaccine at the right time so that it can be used within 6 hours.”

To reduce waste, the Monash Medical Center’s Vaccine Hub reserves healthcare professionals early in the morning from 7:30 am to 7 days a week.

“This allows nighttime staff to catch some people before they get home, eliminating the waiting line and allowing all vials to be used properly,” she said.

The first vaccine in Victoria is given by Geelong and Barwon Health in Portland. Pfizer Habu has also been founded in Ballarat, Bendigo, Olbury Wodonga, Sale and Latrobe Valley.

Eugene Asan, director of the Barwon South West Public Health Unit, said plans are underway next week to immunize 1,000 health care workers, elderly caregivers, and port workers.


The second phase of deployment, including the AstraZeneca vaccine, aims to inoculate 6.1 million people, including those over 70, young adults with underlying health, and other high-risk workers.

Professor Eisan confirmed Geelong’s Former Ford Factory was under consideration As a place for large-scale vaccination.

“The Ford building looks very promising because it’s vacant and only needs to be refurbished,” he said. “It will be a mass vaccination facility for the general public.”

Ms. Roper previously managed the COVID-19 testing station in Melbourne Showgrounds and will be one of Australia’s first Pfizer vaccinated people when vaccinated people start vaccination with each other on Monday.

She said milestones came to her mind in the last few days and hopes that they will signal the beginning of a safer trip abroad and a return to a more normal life.

“We can stop the need to live very afraid to take it home,” she said.

“This year was a crazy year. This seems like the last bit. You can close the loop and hopefully eradicate it.”

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In the airport lounge, the vial changed to a vaccine hub on the way

Source link In the airport lounge, the vial changed to a vaccine hub on the way

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