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ICAC Day 7: Beregicrian must make an “approved” announcement of the grant

Brad Baden, a former strategic director of the office of Gladys Berejikrian, then Premier of New South Wales, submitted evidence to IACC on the seventh day of the investigation.

On the seventh day of the investigation, there are three former senior officials of the Beregicrian government. Neil Harley, Brad Burden and Sarah Cruickshank submit evidence to the Commission.

Baden began working at Beregikrian’s office shortly after taking office as Prime Minister from January to February 2017. From 2018 to April 2019, he was appointed to the office of the Strategic Director of the Beregicrian office.

Through his role, Baden reported to then Chief of Staff Sarah Krukshank.

Burden has been asked by IACC to fund the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in excess of the millions of dollars granted and / or awarded.

ICAC is concerned about two tranches of funding approved and / or awarded to the Conservatory project. $ 10 million to move to Wagga Wagga’s address and $ 20 million to build a recital hall on the premises.

ICAC had previously heard that the Conservatory project was a “long-standing wishlist item” for former Wagawoga MP Daryl Maguire.

Baden told IACC that he noticed funding the project “in the context of the Wagga Wagga by-elections.” This was caused by Mr. Magwire’s resignation from politics in mid-2018, following evidence from a previous IACC investigation.

ICAC will consider a “second stage” of funding the Conservatory project ($ 20 million to build a recital hall) among senior advisors who were alone in August 2018. I heard the email exchange.

In the exchange, Neil Harley, head of the Parliamentary Liaison Office, advised that funding was politically unnecessary given the drought that the region experienced at the time.

A lawyer supporting Scott Robertson pointed out Mr. Baden’s response to this advice he wrote: “We need a full $ 20 million team.”

Baden told IACC that the views he expressed in the email were, as far as he remembers, the views of then-Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian or her Chief of Staff Sarah Krukshank.

Baden said he did not remember that this was his personal view on the matter.

When asked by the Commission if Prime Minister Beregkrian would like to promote the project, Baden said he must have approved the funding announcements submitted during the by-elections.

“I remember the announcement, so she would have approved it,” Baden told IACC lawyer in support of Scott Robertson.

ICAC Day 7: Beregicrian must make an “approved” announcement of the grant

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