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Public school teachers should receive a 10-15% salary increase over the next two years, an independent study of changes in the nature of the profession said. Subsequent report, Valuing the Teaching Profession-Independent study on salaries and working conditions to address what the NSW Teachers’ Federation has described as a “crisis” caused by increased workload and a shortage of teachers. Made 12 recommendations. “At the same time as these jobs, complexity and responsibilities have increased, the relative position of teachers’ salaries has declined alongside other professions, making public sector education less attractive as a career. This is urgent. It’s a contradiction that requires a lot of attention due to the significant increase in teacher salaries and improved career options. ” The Commonwealth has commissioned the first investigation since 2004. It was chaired by Dr. Geoff Gallop, the former Premier of Western Australia. The federation’s regional organizer, Jack Galvin Waite, said the pandemic emphasized the value of education. He said Hunter’s parents understand that teachers need more time and resources for education and learning. “The results of an independent investigation have hurt the state government and highlight a crisis in the profession. It’s a crisis that hunter teachers live and deal with every day,” he said. “The main findings show a teacher shortage, including a large casual teacher shortage in the Upper Hunter and a terrible labor shortage in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.” Hunter teachers are now educated and sustained. It has two jobs: impossible management and unsustainable management. Paperwork. “Unacceptable salaries, teacher salaries are just out of step with teachers in other professions and countries.” This attracts teachers as student enrollment is projected to increase by 25%. It means that retraining is becoming more and more difficult. Survey recommendations include a 10-15% salary increase over the next two years, an additional two hours a week to prepare lessons and collaborate with colleagues, and increase the number of counselors to 1-500 by 2023. That was included. Other recommendations were to redesign NAPLAN on a random census basis rather than a census test and report basis, and to abolish the government’s plan to introduce a completely new curriculum by 2024. Implementation should begin in 2022, providing teachers more time and support, and reducing only if there is a management workload. Investing in teachers is “directly related to the quality of education students receive,” Galvin Waite said. In the news:


Hunter Teacher Dealing with the “Crisis” | Newcastle Herald

Source link Hunter Teacher Dealing with the “Crisis” | Newcastle Herald

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