Hungry Czech shows the rise of the “second driver”

The competitive environment for rivals within the team seems to be getting hotter in orbit, which is a key point of the season.

The point table reflects another story in Mercedes after Hamilton ruled for years. Carlos Sainz, on the other hand, is only 37 points behind Charles Leclerc and behaves bullish when he gets a sniff. Red Bull’s Sergio Perez has shown his intention to do a lot.

Perez is keen on aiming for the top point at Paul Ricard and has declared he is still fighting for the championship from his teammate Max Verstappen.

After winning Monaco, Perez was only 15 points behind last year’s F1 champion, but has since been hit by two retirements, including DNF in Austria.

“It’s great to have the chance to go back to the race and get things right after a tough weekend in Austria,” said Perez, who was driven.

“We had two DNFs in the last three races, but we can’t afford it in the championship, so we’re aiming to change that in France this weekend.

“I’m still competing for the Drivers’ Championship, so it’s important not to lose any more points personally.”

The last time Perez raced in France, he further justified Red Bull’s belief by taking the podium for the second time since he switched from Racing Point (now Alpine).

“Last year, I won the podium for the second time with the French team. I am very much looking forward to repeating it.

“Paul Ricard is a challenging track because there are various racing lines that can pass through corners and it is not easy to decide which one is best to use.”

Last year’s French Grand Prix winner Verstappen faces tough tests to further close the gap with the 38-point championship leader as Ferrari wins in a row in the South Var region, aiming for three consecutive victories.

Tire deterioration will continue to be a decisive factor this weekend, with temperatures expected to skyrocket in the region in an unprecedented European heat wave.

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Hungry Czech shows the rise of the “second driver”

Source link Hungry Czech shows the rise of the “second driver”

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