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How we met:’He said my nails looked pretty, and I knew there was something there’ | Relationship

Mendia worked for police in St. Augustine, Florida when she visited an accounting office on one of her regular patrols in February 2019. “I used to go around local businesses and introduce myself,” she says. Building these relationships is common in the United States to prevent crimes such as invasion and invasion of small towns. “I hand out cards so that people can contact me if they need me.” When she entered the accounting office, she met the owner Todd and how handsome he was. I was impressed with the crab.

He asked if they could take a selfie together. “I was a friend of the police chief,” he says. “I wanted to send him this picture to show that she was working on a great community. She was a little embarrassed when I took it.”

Both Todd and India had a relationship, but after their first encounter, they regularly collided with each other. “She gave me the nickname” Two Minutes Todd. ” We met so many that we were always chatting for two minutes. I meet the same people on a regular basis in a small town, “he says.

By 2020, they both broke up with their former partners. When India posted his photo on Instagram, Todd replied with the word “wow.” “If he still had a relationship, I thought he had to be single because he had no way to say that. I was happy because the sparks were always on.” India says.

On the weekend of July 4, India was working at a celebration. Todd was out with his son Tex, and she came to talk to them. “Todd said my nails were clean, so I knew there was something there,” she laughs, admitting that Todd was trying to signal that he was single. That night he sent a message to her and asked her.

They went to dinner a few days later. “We talked non-stop. Everything was just clicked,” says Todd. “We share work and political interests and we both love basketball.” India says he was “very open and really real” and realistic. increase. They became a couple after their first date, and Todd wrote to a later retired police chief to tell him about his relationship with India. “He jokes that it’s up to him that she’s in my life. He recruited her, and without it we wouldn’t have been able to meet.”

In March 2021, the couple moved together. A few months later, they traveled to Chicago to commemorate their first anniversary, and Todd made a suggestion on the plane. “I told my friends about ideas for good suggestions, but none of them seemed to be for me,” he says. “I knew she was really worried about her flying because she had never boarded a plane. I upgraded us to first class, and it gave her heart I thought it would be a great way to get rid of it. “She says she” didn’t know “that it would happen while they were flying. “He bought me earrings a few days ago. When I saw the box, I thought he must have given me more jewelry,” she laughs. They are due to get married in December 2022.

Todd’s son, now nine, lives with his wife four nights a week. “I also have two dogs and love to walk around St. Augustine. It’s a really beautiful city,” says Todd. They coach their children’s basketball team together and like to travel whenever they have the opportunity.

“I love how wonderful he is,” says India. “He’s very caring, very close to my family, like my male version. We’re best friends.” Todd feels exactly the same about his fiancée. “India, as a police officer, takes care of me and the people of the community, not just the whole family. She has a very big heart.”

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How we met:’He said my nails looked pretty, and I knew there was something there’ | Relationship

Source link How we met:’He said my nails looked pretty, and I knew there was something there’ | Relationship

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