How To Keep Safe Around The Pool

Getting a brand new swimming pool can be very exciting. You and your family can now join the envy that are pool owners. Everyone will be itching to get into the pool and enjoy the water and have some fun, however it is imperative that the pool is safe for the family. If the pool is not safe, the pool may not be deemed safe to use and until the problem is fixed, the pool will not be able to be used. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the ways you can keep your family members safe around the pool so everyone has a fun time. 


All pools in Australia must have the right kind of fencing for the swimming pool to be deemed safe to use. If there are children in the family, the fence needs to be at least double their height so they can’t access the pool without adult supervision. There are plenty of beautiful fencing options available to choose from. While most people will go for looks over practicality, it is good to note that there are different fencing laws and regulations that vary by state. Doing adequate research on these regulations is important to avoid costly mistakes and also to avoid breaking the law and deeming your pool unsafe to use.

 Having a fence can also keep unwanted visitors out of the family pool. If the family goes on holiday, wild animals may take to swimming in the pool or even the next door neighbour’s kids. This is when having an appropriate fence can be extremely useful. 

Pool Toys:

 A lot of pool toys are built to float in the pool. Aside from their obvious purpose – to splash around and have fun with – they can be excellent flotation devices in the event of an emergency. Keeping the pool toys locked away outside of pool usage is also a good practice. This is to prevent children from potentially tripping over the pool toys and to avoid them from getting injured or worse. 

There are many pool toys available to purchase. An even better option would be to purchase a safety ring like the ones that lifesavers use, and keep it strapped to the pool fence or close by so it can be thrown out if there is an emergency. 

Pool Rules:

 Unlike beaches or at supervised pools, there aren’t a specific set of rules for the swimmers to follow. Most of it comes down to personal choice and parental supervision. Having a set of rules that everyone follows ensures that everyone stays safe. Some rules can include: 

– No running around the pool 

– Do not swim without adult supervision 

– No food or drinks 

– No roughhousing 

– Do not dive into the shallow end 

– Do not push others into the pool 

Store Chemicals Out Of Reach:


Many pools require chemicals to function properly, and also so they are safe to swim in. A lot of these chemicals, like chlorine, are poisonous to ingest and can harm young swimmers. Through storing chemicals out of reach and even in locked cupboards that only the adults can access, this drastically brings the chances of that happening down.

 While dangerous to ingest, do not be fooled, as many of these chemicals keep your pool safe to swim in. Making sure you maintain your pool chemicals is vital, as too much chlorine can cause stinging eyes a number of other health problems. 

Keep your pool chemicals out of reach, and you will ensure that no accidents happen. 

Invest In A Pool Alarm:

 Pool alarms allow you to be notified whenever someone enters the pool, or when large movement has been detected in the water. This means that you can be alerted to whenever someone has fallen in or if someone is using your pool without permission.

 There are a range of pool alarms that you can invest in. Many affordable ones are available on the market and with the right research, you will be able to find a reputable one. Pool alarms mean that you can sleep extra easy at night and rest assured during the day that no one is using your pool. 

Security Cameras:

 A tried and true option. Installing security cameras around the pool area can deter unwanted visitors, and means that you can keep an eye on your children while they swim. It is important to note that direct adult supervision is safer and better, compared to using just security cameras.

 Sometimes its not feasible for an adult to be home, especially if they work full time. Your child may want to cool off after school or take a quick dip. Knowing that you are aware of what’s happening can ease your mind about them using the pool without an adult there to watch. With the leaps and bounds in technology these days, security cameras can be connected to your phone so you are always in the loop of what’s happening in your backyard pool. 


 Swimming pools can be sources of joy and fun for the while family. You can finally enjoy having a BBQ by the pool or inviting your friends and family over to catch up on the weekend. After all, you’ve just invested a lot of money into the pool.

 However, investing in safety options early can prevent accidents in the pool. Some kids will find the rules to be overbearing and annoying but if you explain what the consequences are if the rules are not followed, they may understand them better. If in doubt about creating these rules, making sure that nobody goes into the pool unless an adult is there is a simple and easy solution.

 For final thoughts, just remember that you can’t put a price tag on safety and sometimes its better to invest money into it than have something unexpected happen and not be able to undo it.

 Here at (POOL COMPANY), we have experts who can advise you on the best options for safety as well as help you in getting a start on installing a newcastle fibreglass swimming pool into your backyard. Get in contact with us today! Our team would be more than happy to help.



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