How to create stunning content and images directly from your smartphone

Small business owners wear many hats, from managing and balancing books to HR and customer support. Some business owners will end up doing 10 jobs. Continuing your day-to-day business is only part of your job. With so many customers looking to engage with their brand on social media, companies are finding that their social channels are full of creative and compelling content to stay connected with their viewers. You also need to check. High pop..

In fact, Hello social According to reports, 35% of Australian consumers use social media to research products or engage directly with brands, and one-third go to online retailers’ social media channels before making a purchase. Social channels are more than just fluff. Social channels are serious marketing tools that, hopefully, can lead to new customers and sales.

So how do small business owners with no photography skills and no outsourcing budget create stunning content for social channels without outsourcing?

Try these tips and tricks for DIY content

Everyone knows that high quality photos are important on social media. However, high quality images do not necessarily require a lot of effort, expensive cameras, or professional photographers. In many cases, smartphones are sufficient for updating social feeds, and even for food and product shots on websites. With the right background, lighting, and important tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to create professional-looking images in no time.

5 DIY Tips for Smartphone Shooting

1. Clean the lens

The phone gets dirty! Therefore, if you are using professional content for business on your smartphone, you need to make sure your lenses are clean. The cleaner the lens, the clearer the image. Don’t skip this basic but very important step.

2. Lighting

Lighting is the key to good photography, but the type of light you choose depends on your business. Some people prefer to use natural light from the sun, but this is limited to certain times of the day. Ring lights are useful in most settings, but you may need a small lightbox studio, especially for product shots. However, it’s important to choose and maintain one type of lighting so that your feed or website feels consistent.

3. Aesthetics

If you look at some of the most popular Instagram feeds, whether influencers or brands, you’ll notice that those images are similar. They stick to a particular color palette and have their own style, so all images work together well, whether it’s a person, a product, or a landscape photograph. When you’re ready to start creating content, whether it’s a social feed or a website, it’s important to have a consistent aesthetic that stays true to your brand.

4. Props and styling

Once you’ve completed your aesthetic, it’s worth investing in some props and backgrounds for styling. Whether it’s a selfie background or a flatley color matte, a few simple and inexpensive props will make your photo pop and attractive.

5. Play with camera angle

Different camera angles can help create the illusion of depth and height, and ultimately make the image more interesting.Take it from directly above, below or from the side of the object to create a very eye-catching and interesting image to spice up your feed.

Building an image bank

We all know that time is the only thing business owners don’t have. Therefore, if you have time to take pictures, you want to make that time as efficient and productive as possible. Once a product is already styled and ready to use, you can create multiple different images by simply swapping a few props to create different looks. Consider adding autumn leaves and flowers as the seasons change, or adding Easter eggs and Christmas decorations to pre-create a folder of festive images.

If you’re using colored backgrounds to create a particular aesthetic in your feed, focus on using one or two backgrounds each time you shoot and change them from session to session to create different colors. Start building a large image bank of. Delivering fresh new content for months.

The hardest part to get started

As with many new ones, the hardest part of creating your own content is just getting started. Once you’ve organized your setup and tried out the lights, creating new content can be a really fun aspect of running your business. You can also reach new customers and preferably increase conversions by adding fresh images to your website and updating your social feed.

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How to create stunning content and images directly from your smartphone

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