How to buy and sell a house in a pandemic (breakdown of marriage)

If you’re looking for a purchase, don’t wait for the official homes to open and trigger FOMO … Arrange individual shows.

If you purchase remotely, you can also request a video walkthrough.

My best tip: The more pictures of the scenery surrounding the property, the worse the house.

2. You can’t trust the handshake

I accepted the offer to buy a new home, but there was a small mistake in the contract.

As you can imagine, there was another open home the next day.

But not all news is bad. The house that will be my child’s house with a 50% chance is at the same price, in a much larger block and has room for added value.

Next, let’s talk about stressful loans and managers …

3. JobKeeper may not be counted

When I first thought I needed an additional loan to make a purchase, I was told that JobKeeper and other government aids weren’t earning any income and wouldn’t be included in the calculation of the amount I could borrow. For many like my ex, it’s a little rich when there is no income to earn. That’s especially a problem when you own and work your own business.

4. Reduce spending

I was crazy trying to build a new home, but the price that Brisbane’s investment property finally acquired meant that I no longer needed a mortgage.

However, in the so-called Netflix test, it’s important to spend as little as possible to prove that you can handle the maximum loan amount in the three months before you apply for a mortgage.

Similarly, you may need to remove your credit card restrictions even if they aren’t in use.

The payment packet now takes into account enough money to repay the card limit in three years. This will limit the loan approval amount again.

5. Get on the mortgage cancellation

This is the most common reason for real estate settlements to fail.

Many sellers are unaware that they all have to be sorted out until it’s too late.

You need to contact your existing lender and fill out the mortgage cancellation form as soon as possible.

This is a surge in transfers, with some lenders spending a record 35 days arranging the closure of old loans.

Remember that this also costs hundreds of dollars.

If you hire a lawyer or mortgage broker and you think the rest of the process is all done automatically, think again. These are busy people today and you need to reaffirm that everything you need to do is done at every stage of the process.

Finally, to the move process …

6. Expect a little indoor camp

Off-hook demand for sofas, beds, and dining sets may require you to sit on cushions and unbox for some time. For example, it takes 15 weeks to deliver the sofa you ordered. This puts it on the other side of Christmas.


Also, any kind of transaction you need, such as an electrician plugging in a new power socket or TV cable, a plumber repairing a leaked pipe, or installing a washing machine, can take a significant amount of lead time. There is a possibility. It is common to book at least 6 weeks in advance.

In my case, this week’s payment is reserved. I wish you success. I wish you good luck!

  • The advice provided in this article is general in nature and is not intended to influence the reader’s decisions regarding investment or financial instruments. They should always seek their professional advice, taking into account their personal circumstances, before making financial decisions.

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How to buy and sell a house in a pandemic (breakdown of marriage)

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