How to ask for a salary increase in 2022

Of course, many Australian workers do not negotiate their salary increases individually. Approximately 2.3 million low-wage workers are waged by the Fair Labor Commission by raising the minimum wage for more than 100 awards applicable to various industries and professions each year.

In addition, two in five workers set wages and conditions together through a corporate contract with their employer. The average salary increase granted under new contracts secured in the September quarter of last year was 2.7%, up from 2.4% in the June quarter and a historically low increase of only 2.2% in the December 2020 quarter. I’m away. Data from the prosecutor’s department.

Still, all workers have the right to claim that they work with a higher level of skill or responsibility and need to raise their wage rank.

And for the rest of the non-prize and collective bargaining workers, it’s entirely up to you to negotiate higher salaries.

So here is my best advice on getting a salary increase in 2022.

Do your research first

Go to a website like this Or government Investigate salaries for similar positions and skill levels.

Ask a colleague what is being paid. This can be annoying and may be explicitly prohibited by the so-called “secret payment” clause of the employment contract.

But that’s an example of what I think the secret “If you show me you, I show you me” is mutually beneficial in the workforce.

Remember to ask females and male colleagues as well. They may be receiving more rewards.


Request a formal face-to-face payment review

Don’t surprise your boss in the lunch room with a salary increase request. Also, do not send long emails claiming a salary increase.

Bosses are also human, and if you chat directly, it can be difficult to simply reject a request.

Request a formal meeting and clarify that its purpose is to review and pay for your achievements.

Discuss with a focus on the value you bring

Don’t simply worry about why you need living expenses and money.

Yes, you certainly need a salary increase to at least catch up with rising living costs, but that’s not a good argument you, In particular, it deserves a salary increase.

Prepare a short summary (up to 1 page) of your role achievements over the last 12 months, along with how to perform tasks that go beyond your original job description. Print. Bring it to a meeting with you and see it if you’re nervous.

You can also email this list to your manager after the meeting.

Please do not make the first offer

If possible, do not ask for a specific dollar hike.

You may not have the courage to ask enough (especially for women). Ask your employer what they can do and see what they come up with. They may need time.

Never accept the first offer

Compete with twice the amount they provided to you. Please be happy if they meet you on the way.

If possible, switch to discussions in unusual increments. That is, we demand an increase of $ 13,500 per year instead of $ 10,000. It merely suggests that ambitious claims have given more detailed ideas than lobbying.

Get ready to jump the ship

If your employer rejects your request, ask for another review within 3-6 months. The important thing is to ask what you need to do during that period to get a salary increase.

If it becomes clear that you have no way to advance your career, look at another employer.

There is no point in resenting it. If you are really low wages and have not valued other non-monetary aspects of your employment, there should be other positions available for you.

Good luck!

  • The advice provided in this article is by nature general and is not intended to influence the reader’s decisions regarding investment or financial instruments. They should always seek their professional advice, taking into account their personal circumstances, before making financial decisions.

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How to ask for a salary increase in 2022

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