How Rebecca Gibney uses gratitude to help her through a struggle

She’s a hugely successful actress, but instead of pretending to be okay, Rebecca Gibney learned how to help her through the day-to-day struggles that everyone faces.

One of the biggest challenges surrounding mental health is that people don’t like to talk about mental health. No matter how they feel or how hard they are, the natural reaction is simply to pretend that everything is working.

This is one of many things that makes the acclaimed Rebecca Gibney special.she

I don’t pretend. She is devoted to the struggles she faces and is equally open to the techniques she uses to overcome them.

She has built a very long and successful career by pretending to be another person, but one of the things she never pretends to be is herself.

“I spent a lot of time becoming someone who wasn’t myself. I think I was suffering from impostor syndrome because I had never been trained as an actor. I never believed it, “she says. Health hacker..

“Fortunately, I had a great therapist who not only survived the incredibly dark times, but also gave me the tools to learn how to deal with anxiety, thereby my problem. I was able to overcome many of them.

“We’ve only had this moment so far. Instead of focusing on what’s next or what we’ve done, we try to really enjoy it as much as possible. Close your eyes and say” Thank you “in your head. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking a deep breath. “

Thank you is Gibney’s repetitive theme. Gibney says happiness is a decision like everyone else, and gratitude has learned to be the only and most important tool in her toolbox.

“My best friend recently told me that he is determined every day to be happy without feeling it,” she says.

“So gratitude and kindness are a continuous theme of my life. Meditation is also an integral part of my mental health.

“I have been suffering from panic attacks for years, and I only knew I was okay if I wasn’t okay after my early thirties (and years of treatment) mental collapse. was.”

It doesn’t have to be okay. Probably not as much as you would expect to hear from someone as successful as Gibney. That’s exactly why it’s so important. And it’s great to hear.

Rebecca Gibney …

The best advice I have ever been given

“Probably the best acting advice I’ve ever received was from the acting legend Maurie Fields. What’s the best I can do if I want to be a good actor? When I asked him, he said it was easy. That’s the advice I tried to stick to most of the time. “

Start the right day

“I try to wake up a little earlier than I need to, so I can put on my headphones and do a mini-meditation in the morning, even if I try to set my intentions for the day in just 5 minutes. I also have about 5 stretch little rituals that help unlock my back and help my breathing. Then I drink a liter of water and a cup of tea before the shower. “

Live longer and happier

“I want to be there for as long as possible, so while still enjoying everything reasonably well, I’m working harder to be overall healthy. More walking, less sleep. More Water, less sugar. More dance, less sofa time. But weird matini and dark chocolate are still on the agenda. ”

Rebecca Gibney is starring in Channel 10 Celebrity MasterChef Australia.

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at first How Rebecca Gibney uses gratitude to help her through a struggle

How Rebecca Gibney uses gratitude to help her through a struggle

Source link How Rebecca Gibney uses gratitude to help her through a struggle

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