How many vaccines are there in Australia? And where is it?

Europe’s decision to delay production and block vaccine exports means Australia has received Only 700,000 doses of AstraZeneca.. “It explains the difference” Mr. Hunt said on Wednesday..

This resulted in the federal government receiving about 1.57 million doses, sufficient to immunize about 785,000 people.

However, not all of these doses can be released because both vaccines require a second dose. To ensure that the second dose is available, Hunt told the Commonwealth:Hold a second dose for all outgoing doses. “, Further limit the available supply.

CSL’s BroadMedose plant has manufactured AstraZeneca vaccines, which must await regulatory approval before they can be distributed.Therapeutic Goods Bureau Approved 832,000 doses Last week, another 2.5 million people are still waiting for approval.

The federal government operates several weapons of deployment, many of which are left to the state. The number of vaccines delivered to the state and the number of jabs given to the state remain unknown.

Queensland is currently receiving 106,000 doses. March 29, 59,000 was administered. An additional 65,000 people were expected to arrive in the state this week.

By March 31, NSW received 190,610 and administered 96,273.However, the New South Wales government claims that distribution delays mean only 119,170. The dose actually arrived at tiI for the last 5 weeks.

Victoria says it has From 100,000 doses 177,000 have been assigned.

The Victoria State Government does not say how many people actually arrived from the federal government.

“Obviously, the problem is about adequate supply. If we can improve our supply mechanism and supply chain, such facilities will sooner or later be able to vaccinate the general public,” said Steve of the Victorian Parliament. -Health Secretary McGee said Thursday.

on March 24Hunt said that 3.3 million doses are planned for the next three and a half weeks, with about 500,000 doses distributed weekly.

“When new shipments of Pfizer and AstraZeneca manufactured on land become available, they will be offered throughout Australia to vaccinate the population in line with the deployment plan,” a government spokesman said.

Liam is Age and a scientific reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald

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How many vaccines are there in Australia? And where is it?

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