How Kate Middleton Cleans Up Prince Andrew’s Royal Family Confusion

As Prince Andrew becomes even more disgraceful, Kate Middleton and Prince William are the most likely royals to suffer.

Who wants to be a queen? That’s a question I often think about. Indeed, the perks are pretty impressive. I know I’m free to use the vast and draft castle, have the Prime Minister wait once a week, and have the 4th Fleet at my disposal, but … it’s very boring and repetitive. A job that means working 363 days a year and promising to spend a lifetime talking about trivial little stories while being forced to open a leisure center in Midland.

But for whatever reason, the job is Kate, Duchess of Cambridge Quite terribly fancy, she will have a perfectly groomed hand in the next 20 years or so.

But recently, achieving that golden ambition has become much more difficult thanks to her, if she really wants to be there with the throne still waiting for her. Uncle in-law Prince Andrew..

The 61-year-old disgraceful royal family attempted to dismiss the sexual abuse proceedings it faces in New York, paving the way for proceedings later this year. In the coming months, he faced an oath and camera testimony allegedly raping Virginia Jufre (maiden name Roberts) three times when she was a teenager. I am.

Then on Friday, the news The Queen finally decided to deprive her son of his honorary military role And he seemed to be too little, too late an attempt to isolate the monarchy from the collapse of Andrew’s turmoil, and he would no longer be allowed to use his styling as his prince. (Talk about trying to close the barn door for a long time after all of His Majesty’s pride and joy thoroughbreds were bolted on …)

And it’s here that the future Queen Catherine enters the frame, as it now rests on her shoulders to sort out many of these blunders and try to pull the monarchy back from the cliff.

(Recently, Telegraph Her husband, Prince William, is known to find her charmingly after struggling to offer a royal graft and ask, “Darling, can you give me a drink … can you have a glass of champagne?” I made it clear. It’s convenient because she needs it. )

Let’s start with the practical part of this equation.

Since then Andrew Initially resigned as a member of the royal family, many of his previous official roles, such as the English National Ballet and the Outbound Trust, remain empty. Now, after the Queen defenestizes her son, more vacancies need to be filled, including Colonel Grenadier Guards, Royal Highland Fusiliers, and Royal Colonel of the Royal Scottish Regiment.

Again, take into account positions that remain vacant, such as the President of the Queen’s Federal Trust, the patron saint of the Royal National Theater, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. Harry’s rush exit When Megan, Duchess of Sussex in 2020.

Some of this violation Kate, William After that, the children need to step in.

There is no way out of the fact that the monarchy simply runs out of competent hands to do their bit. Not only are they an aging workforce (Cambridge is the only workforce under the age of 55), but since 2019, the palace has lost 27% of its full-time royal “staff”, Andrew. So is Sussexes.

Some of the positions vacated by Andrew can cause Harry and Megan to fall prematurely, but other positions such as the English National Ballet and Colonel Grenadia Guard need to be filled. William and Kate’s Limoges porcelain plate.

This situation can also put pressure on couples to get their children to work faster than they wanted. The Duchess and Duchess spent extraordinary lengths on their sons and daughters to lead as normal a life as possible, but their good intentions are the reality and cruelty of the fact that the royal family is now chronically plundered. You may be trying to collide with.

William undertook his first official engagement at just eight years, exactly the same age as his son Prince George Now, when his parents visited Cardiff in 1991, a royal figure in a small suit was working awkwardly on the rope line.

George was technically already on the official outing and had an adorable attendance at the Royal International Air Tattoo at the age of two, which was a pension when most children of his own age were at home. I’m watching Captain Planet, which isn’t almost the same as being forced to spend hours waving beneficiaries.

All hopes that William and Kate will postpone the future of the royal family of their sons and heirs will be hit, and the public journey to George’s throne could begin earlier than they had hoped.

Beyond all of this, Andrew Inblogrio means that all Yuri White shoulders in the royal family need to be moved, but there is an important part of this awkward situation that only Kate can fix. It’s a serious reputational damage. The monarchy is suffering.

Charles and William may have gained public respect in recent years for their enthusiastic and non-stimulating climate change work, but it is the Duchess of Cambridge that creates a kind of mass love and worship that is the lifeline of the monarchy. only.

Britain is completely obsessed with Kate, and it’s a dazzling and fairly explicit attempt to counter the very serious harm Andrew (and to a lesser extent, Meggit) has done to the image of the crown. Attracts the masses that will be pushed further to the front.

Buckingham Palace is clearly aware of this, given that it was her, and she is the only supporter with future William V, who hosted a charity Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey last month. Played.

All pictures of her and her perfectly elastic blow-dry beam as she meets children and old-age pensioners are antidotes to the toxic smoke that has been covering the royal family for the last few years.

The fact of the matter is that she may be the granddaughter of a coal miner, but without Kate there is no royal magic or stardust. Taking her out of the picture, all you have left is a bunch of middle-aged men in expensive suits who are serious about hedge preservation and carbon emissions.

Similarly, a lovely little Cambridge troika. Deploying them for public release, for example when George and Charlotte joined William for the start of the Sandlingham Marathon last June, is an excellent counterprogram for all negative headlines and public relations crises. Functions as. Moreover, given that the Windsor brand has become synonymous with dysfunction and quarrel, their image as a happy family is a coveted tonic.

Which one did Kate sign up when William returned his stalking awesome sapphire to his finger in October 2010? Maybe not, but Andrew flew to New York for a five-day stay with his convicted sex offender friend Jeffrey Epstein only two months later, December 2010. It was the moon. He and they didn’t know it then, but he was trying to change everything in their lives forever.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and author with over 15 years of experience in many of Australia’s leading media titles.

at first Kate Middleton left to clear up Prince Andrew’s turmoil

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How Kate Middleton Cleans Up Prince Andrew’s Royal Family Confusion

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