How a woman caught a boyfriend cheating on a bathroom item

The woman, who drove for nine hours to meet her boyfriend, was taking a shower when she found “evidence” that he was having an affair.

A woman drove for nine hours to meet her long-distance relationship boyfriend and found him cheating on her.

NS Ticktaku Users shared many videos explaining how she caught multiple women and her boyfriend for almost a year cheating on her, Sun Report.

To make matters worse, he revealed that he was giving birth to a baby with one of them.

The caption of one clip says, “When I’m in a long-distance relationship, driving for nine hours, and forgetting to clean the evidence.”

In director, The woman found a rival lover’s toiletry kit at her boyfriend’s house

She met her two-time boyfriend in Atlanta and explained that he had moved to Florida to visit him with his child for two weeks a month.

She said in a video: “This time I arrived at 1am … I arrived. It’s 1am. I took a shower and the kids were sleeping.

“After getting off the shower, I’m looking for a cotton swab for my ears. I’m ready to put my toothbrush in the draw. When I open it, I see a pink toothbrush.

“I didn’t think much about it, but something told me to take a peek at his rest, so I open the bottom and see all of those girls’ products I can.

“Before that visit, I saw him have a cantu shampoo, but I didn’t think much about it because of the texture of his hair, [I thought] That’s probably what he likes. “

But it was when she came across a female body lotion that she found out something was wrong.

When faced, her partner tried to change the story and claim the product as his own, before saying it belonged to his friend.

She then found hair that looked strange on his carpet.

She explained: “He has a white rug and I see all the hair. It’s black, but not curly.

“I have long straight hair, so I throw it away. I have brown hair, which was black at the time, but not 100% straight. [I knew it wasn’t] My hair. “

He finally confessed to his young mother that he had met someone else and that she was three months pregnant.

She said: “[I said] “Not only did you ask me to move with you in a completely different state and take my children, but after a few seconds of the same conversation you might give birth to a baby, why am I angry? Shouldn’t it? “

Then he desperately tried to persuade her to stay.

TikTokker said he didn’t know what to do other than leave.

“I was almost shocked. We were together for almost a year. He was the stepfather of my children and we were emotionally attached.”

However, the woman later realized that she had met another woman thanks to clues on social media and decided to leave.

She added: “When he put the toothbrush back, I peeed and cleaned the toilet with it! We tried to make it work, but I couldn’t get over it.”

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Initially published as follows Bathroom item revealing that boyfriend was having an affair

How a woman caught a boyfriend cheating on a bathroom item

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