How a small school helped keep the show going in locked down Melbourne

Children depended on different devices at home. In other words, the appearance and quality of the broadcast was different. Some children had an unstable internet. The children of the licensed workers were in school, but the other children had a hard time catching up with their homes while their parents were working.

Ms Vearing has hired his award-winning cinematographer and friend Sky Davies as a film consultant.

Jasmine and Matthias are the protagonists, but there are about 130 other students on the Armao

“There was no shooting or lighting. There was nothing to control from that side, which is an important aspect of my work,” Davis said.

(It’s useful to know people. Davis hired award-winning editor Delaney Murphy to stitch together hundreds of clips.)

“Obviously, it doesn’t have the glitz and charm of our usual work, but it has so many hearts that it’s sometimes lacking from many of our jobs,” Davis said. Told. “But I knew it would reach and reach so many people. It was very important.”

The younger level rehearsed once a week and 30 children in grades 5-6 practiced their roles daily.

Play stars 10-year-old Mattias Fernandez and 11-year-old Jasmine Prentice said their daily rehearsals helped maintain their spirit during a long blockade.

“The rehearsal was great,” Matthias said.


“Honestly … I’m glad I was busy. It kept entertaining me during the blockade, like something you practice, something you respect, something you achieve.”

Jasmine agreed.

“Like Matthias, I didn’t really understand the beauty of having to go to school until the blockade was struck.”

Ms. Vearing said the best part of the experiment was to give the children hope and something to look forward to during the blockade.

“Honestly … there were so many losses, [so many] Missed opportunity for all these kids … and Melbourne was the longest closed city. Aw, we did it very hard. So this was beautiful. “

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How a small school helped keep the show going in locked down Melbourne

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