“Horrifying”: Dave Lenny blames officials after Wales’ defeat in Wallabies | Australia’s rugby union team

Huming Wallabies coach Dave Lenny called on big-match rugby officials to take more responsibility after he was convinced that his men were robbed of the end-of-tour test victory by a “horrible” decision.

Lenny said Australia would reveal their dissatisfaction in a report to World Rugby referee Joel Jugge on Sunday morning with his side’s final kick 29-28 defeat to Wales in Cardiff. And remained angry.

He was particularly angry with South African TMO Marius Jonker. He believes he has given Wallaby two potential victories on his tour with Scotland and now Wales.

John Carr was behind Allan Alaalatoa’s swingarm sinning binning, so he ruled out Michael Hooper’s attempt at the Mariefield match two weeks ago. World Rugby then apologized for being wrong.

To Wales, he also infuriated Lenny after a review found that the Welsh center Nick Tompkins had not been guilty of intentional knock-on.

“There is no reason why we didn’t make the right decision when implementing TMO. We saw another example tonight,” Lenny argued. Everyone is accountable – or should be. We are responsible as players and coaches, and officers must also be responsible.

“A few weeks ago Marius’ decision decided the game, but he was still appointed again. There is no accountability around the person making the error deciding the test match. TMO the game The reason it was introduced in was to make the right decision.

“After the Scottish match, Marius was told that the decision to sing Ala Aratoa was a wrong decision, not a yellow card. These are big moments and it’s not enough to apologize the following week.”

Lenny exudes his frustration as very featureless. This shows how difficult it has been for Wallabies to oversee their first tour to Europe, where they haven’t won the match since 1976.

He clearly felt that some of the 13 penalties they gave were unfair, even if he was not dissatisfied with the important decisions. Adam Beard.

“Today, there are many decisions I haven’t been involved with that I felt have had a huge impact on the game,” he added. “I’m incredibly proud of our efforts. It was massive. When you are one short person and two short people, you have to do it. Hmm.

“So we were put under the blow torch and the boys reacted really well, so a pile of characters. I think they are more suitable.”

His fellow New Zealander Wayne Pivac, who oversaw the Welsh victory, did not have a truck with the idea that Wallabies had a hard time.

“I don’t think it [the Tompkins incident] Personally, it’s a knock-on, “said Pivac, agreeing with the interpretation that the ball moved backwards. No referee, TMO, touch judge, or any of our coaching boxes. “

Pivac says, “Opposites [given away a red card] And they need to see it. “

“Horrifying”: Dave Lenny blames officials after Wales’ defeat in Wallabies | Australia’s rugby union team

Source link “Horrifying”: Dave Lenny blames officials after Wales’ defeat in Wallabies | Australia’s rugby union team

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