Hillsong Newcastle Youth Camp New South Wales: Jackie Lambie smokes over footage of the event

Jackie Lambie blew up the Hillsong after footage of wild events appeared while singing and dancing were banned in New South Wales.

Jackie Lambie accused Hillsong at a Newcastle youth camp where hundreds of young people were singing and dancing masklessly, despite a state-wide ban.

Senator Lambie said the evangelical group was “not special” and called on them to “slap.”

New South Wales has outlawed dance and singing in nightclubs, pubs, bars and recreational facilities amid a surge in Covid-19 infections throughout the state, but the church is pushing for a major religious rally. Was allowed.

A large number of young people sing and dance shirtless or on each other’s shoulders while footage appears on Thursday from Hill Song’s youth “Wildlife Summer Camp 2022” and the Top 40 music is played loud. The appearance of the camp was projected.

Hillsong defended himself, stating that the event “follows strict Covid procedures and adheres to government guidelines.”

But Senator Lambi is indignant.

“This is definitely a music festival. No doubt it will end with a super-spreader,” Senator Lambiy said today on Friday.

“Newcastle was touring super-spreaders (December event) from nightclubs. What’s the difference? Because they don’t have drinks in their hands?

“are you kidding me?”

Senator Lambie said Hillsong should be “slapped today” and fined.

“No one gets anything special through Covid. This must be stopped,” she said.

“What do I say to you, fine them, and teach them one lesson.

“Just because you’re a hill song, you’re not special.”

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazard said in a statement Thursday that Hillsong was told to “stop singing and dancing immediately” at a youth camp event.

“The (public health) order does not apply to religious services, but to major recreational facilities. This event is both the spirit and intent of the order being carried out to keep the community safe. Clearly violates. Mr Hazard said.

New South Wales police have ruled out punishing youth camp organizers, even though Mr Hazard has labeled the event a “breach.”

“The New South Wales Police Force will contact the organizers to ensure future compliance with public health orders after the location is considered a major recreational facility,” said the New South Wales Police Force. The spokesperson said.

New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrott said at a press conference Friday morning that he was “totally shocked” by the footage.

“I repeat the frustration and anger that people all over the state feel,” he said.

“Many people had to change their behavior to keep people safe. Now we have created those rules, and technically it was within the rules. Even so, it certainly wasn’t the spirit of the rules.

“Now I understand that Hillsong guarantees that it will never happen again. But I was very disappointed. These rules are not for it.”

When the footage of Thursday’s concert appeared, Australian music tycoons expressed anger, and rapper Illy said the situation was “absolutely crazy.”

Due to restrictions, the music industry has kneeled.

The rules have resulted in a series of cancellations and postponements, including the Grapevine Gathering Festival, Tamworth Country Music Festival, and national tours by international acts such as Belinda Carlisle and Rod Stewart.

The Australian band The Jungle Giants, who was scheduled for headline Grapevine Gathering, tweeted: Who is there? “

Hillsong released a statement Thursday, stating that the event “is not at all similar to a music festival.”

“Outdoor Christian services are held during the camp, but these are only a small part of the program, and the songs are only a small part of each service,” he said.

“Our camp mainly includes outdoor recreational activities such as sports and games. We follow strict Covid procedures and adhere to government guidelines.”

at first Jackie Lambie demands that Hillsong “slap” footage of a young man dancing in a ban

Hillsong Newcastle Youth Camp New South Wales: Jackie Lambie smokes over footage of the event

Source link Hillsong Newcastle Youth Camp New South Wales: Jackie Lambie smokes over footage of the event

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