Hey Besty: What’s the best way to liven up my boring sex life?

I wanted to liven up my sexual life with my partner, and I was thinking about introducing toys and dress-ups. Please tell me how to brooch and what to do.

I love questions about “experiments”. It’s the art of trying new things in the bedroom, taking the time to refocus on relationships and liven up things.

An active and enjoyable sex life is important for all relationships. The more mutual effort you put into your relationship, the more mutual rewards you have.

Sometimes, excitement of a relationship is a surefire way to avoid getting into a sexless rut, where the relationship remains exciting and, or worse, a mundane routine.

Unfortunately, sex is not a widely talked-about topic.

As we build relationships, our own anxieties can prevent us from communicating, asking questions, and talking to our partners about what they enjoy in the bedroom.

Personally, I want to change this taboo as much as possible.

I want everyone in a relationship to feel really comfortable when talking about sexual orientation, fantasy, and adventure.

The best way to start better sex is to openly communicate and experiment with your desires and thoughts.

You may try something that was a complete flop, you may need to readjust what you were trying to do and start over.

Alternatively, you might take off your socks and try something that becomes part of your sexual repertoire.


HEY BESTIE: What if my partner is jealous of my “work husband”?

HEY BESTIE: Should I tell my friends my husband’s cheetah?

HEY BESTIE: Can my dream tell me I’m gay?

So how do you get things done?

Talk to your partner about what and when you want to try. It could be a new position, a new toy, a dress-up (think a firefighter or a French maid … or seriously, whatever turns you on!)

Let’s have a fun experience. Stack it up to raise your expectations — if you decide to make a surprise dress up, leave a hint throughout the week — a hibis vest on the edge of the bed, a feather duster on the bathroom sink, and a bedroom doorknob. Inside.

When you’re looking forward to it, it’s amazing how good sex it is!

The phrase “sex starts in the morning” applies at so many levels. Paying attention to each other and prioritizing each other not only meets our emotional needs, but also shows our partners that we really want them all day long. success.

Expectations are strong, so don’t underestimate their use.

After all, everyone deserves great sex, so I hope all of you are the best in enlivening your sex life.

Your best friend,

Amanda xx

Amanda Rambros Is a sexologist, a relationship coach with nearly 20 years of experience, and is proud of his “nobs” approach to solving problems. She is also a certified speech expert and has written several books on relationships, health and business that have sold over 150,000 copies.

Do you have any questions for Amanda? Send an email to (don’t worry, your name will not be published!)

Hey Besty: What’s the best way to liven up my boring sex life?

Source link Hey Besty: What’s the best way to liven up my boring sex life?

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