Healthy Newcastle Mom Means Business

Ask for help, boost yourself, and don’t give up. That’s advice from Allana Frisken, the two mothers of Newcastle, who won the 2021 Aus Mumpreneur Award four times.

A 32-year-old woman, the founder of two hunter-based businesses, knows what it means to be busy.

Alana, a Pilates teacher juggling 3 and 4 years old, We are wild, A range of plant-based protein powders for women, and Muse Pilates Studio Hamilton..

Dividing her time between her innocent efforts is part of Alana’s message to other women.

“It can be really hard to get everything right, but women need to know that they can ask for help,” she says.

“I was raised by a very strong woman who worked full time and raised three children while her husband worked long hours in the mining industry.

“I’m probably like many women of my age. I learned not to ask for help. My mother could do so, so I should be able to do it all myself, and she I never complained.

“But I’m learning to break that chain of thought and accept that it’s okay to ask for help.”

The help Alana mentions is her “dream team”.

“Nanny, cleaner, operations manager, site assistant, I didn’t start this team from behind. I had to slowly ask for help and learn to add these people to the team.”

Aside from asking for help, Allana says that once a business idea is formed, you need to trust your abilities.

“My husband has his own business, which brings more money than I do. But time for me to not talk to him and put everything aside and focus on my business If you don’t negotiate, it will never grow.

“You have to defend yourself. This idea can be a real winner. Know its value and aim for it.”

Healthy Newcastle Mom Means Business

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