Health Hacker: Iron Man Matt Poole about what you need to win

The mat pool alarm sounds most mornings at 4.55am, so he can train for the competition. But professional Iron Man says it’s not just about physical fitness to win.

When reading this with coffee in one hand and croissants in the other, I think of the mat pool, which is likely to swim, board, or ski breakers on North Bondi Beach in the morning. Please let me know. A tough day for the opening round of the Nutri-Grain Iron Man and Iron Woman series.

This is the life of these open ocean fanatics. They have devoted their lives to the power of breaking waves and massive swells to bring rain, hail, or brilliance for reasons most of us do not understand.

To be honest, this is one of the most tiring competitions, so the only way to prepare for it is to forget how real tiredness looks and feels. And it starts every morning.

“I train most mornings, so the alarm sounds at 4.55 am,” says Poole. Health hacker..

“I do a light stretch to replenish my protein and supplements before I leave the door and before training at 5:30 am. It’s usually a swimming session, so I wake up quickly.

“My spiritual approach to training and racing is very important. I always believe that almost every athlete in the professional series works hard in training because they are so physically similar. I’ve been.

“But it is their beliefs and spiritual strength that distinguish the winners from others.”

The 33-year-old professional Iron Man and Athletic Sports Elite Athletes, who won the 2017 Iron Man Champion, have become one of the oldest athletes in this year’s series. So what keeps driving him to set a pre-dawn alarm every morning before he encounters a freezing, angry sea?

“I’m determined to return to the podium,” he says.
“In the last few years, I’ve been second in several major races and won two small events, but I’m hoping to get back on the podium at the IronMan series of events.”


Draw success

“I use a lot of race visualizations during race weeks and race days,” he says.

“I imagine all the small steps and processes that go to and during the race and visualize how I believe the race will unfold.”

The best advice he has ever received

“In sports, you lose more races than you win. So don’t lose lessons if you lose. One of my first coaches in Sydney taught this at a very young age. It’s always sticking to me, and I still feel that this is very important when it comes to dealing with competition, setbacks and disappointments. “

Exercise as you get older

“After 15 years of professional racing at the age of 33, recovery, nutrition and hydration are very important. I work with Athletic Sports and its team before and after training, racing and during training. Is promoting the recovery of. “

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at first Health Hacker: Iron Man Matt Poole about what you need to win

Health Hacker: Iron Man Matt Poole about what you need to win

Source link Health Hacker: Iron Man Matt Poole about what you need to win

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