Hawkesbury-Saving lives in the Nepean is about evacuation and mitigation

Hawkesbury-Nepian Valley Floods Into Communities
Think about what you can do to protect the vast number of people who live in the valley. It’s also a moment to think about how to develop a valley in the coming decades and how to do it safely.

The state government has an approach here.I want to raise the Waragambadam and turn the flood into a pond
After the flood downstream of the dam has subsided, it can be released slowly.This is in a sense
It’s an obvious “solution” that people can easily understand, but it’s terribly flawed.No matter what is done
Only partial mitigation work can be done at the dam.It can’t help mitigate floods from some
Tributaries entering the river below the dam (eg Nepean and Growth).

Floods spill over Waragambadam on news

Even in the government’s own calculations, the amount of mitigation is
The reduction in flood height that can be achieved after Windsor is
Very serious flood. Raising the dam alone cannot solve the problem of downstream floods.
In fact, the flood configuration actually has little effect.

So what should we do?There are essentially two directions that can be taken – limiting
Further development of the valley (thus preventing the problem from getting worse already
To be), and make sure that the road network fits the purpose of not disturbing people
When there is a flood.

Let’s take the second of these first.Hawkesbury-The traditional problem of the Nepean is
Loss of evacuation routes in the early stages of the Flood.State at the beginning of this century
The Labor government tackled this problem by building a high bridge from Windsor to South Creek.
Morgrave.Even this route has been created before to spend time taking everyone out
I was overwhelmed by a rare and very large flood.

The problem is that rapid housing development continues in the valley,
Pressure on the road to carry evacuees. One such route is
It should be cut and discussed for a long time before the evacuation of thousands of people is completed
Castlereagh connection across the river between Penrith and Richmond.

The government refuses to accept the need for this path categorically.To make matters worse, it continues
Policy to increase the population of the valley.Its own estimate is that the population
The Hawkesbury-Nepian Floodplain, which currently has about 130,000 people, will virtually double (250,000) by 2050.

This means a significant increase in the endangered population.This worst case of all the rivers in New South Wales
This is due to the possibility of flooding, the almost unique large vertical rise that occurs during the Flood.
Desperately unwise. It simply increases the vulnerability of the community.

Hawkesbury-Saving lives in the Nepean is about evacuation and mitigation

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