Hasan Ali Drop, Mohammad Hafeez Double Bouncer, Video

At Topsy Turbine T20 World Cup semi-final showdown has been decidedThere were two moments that seemed to sacrifice Australia against Pakistan.

Steve Smith dropped Fakar Zaman, who allowed him to hit two six from Mitchell Starc in the final over.

Then there was Could not confirm that David Warner was caught behind the wicket In a replay that shows clear sunlight between the bat and the ball.

But in the end, there were two separate moments that ended up spending the tournament on Pakistan.

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Warner dispatches DOUBLE BOUNCE delivery | 00:31

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The first came at the beginning of the eighth when Mohammad Huffies threw the ball 2-57 with Australia.

Following that was one of the weirdest deliveries seen at the elite level of male cricket.

The ball stuck to Huffy’s hand like glue. Huffy’s hand bounced twice and spread wide.

Warner didn’t give it up, but danced towards the ball and sent it on the rope for six.

“I don’t think I’ve seen it before. The double bouncer hit six,” Marc Nicolas said in a commentary.

Delivery was judged to be no ball. In other words, Australia added a total of 7 runs and was given a free hit. It was a hit with two more runs, for a total of nine times in one legitimate delivery.

Oh, Pakistan should have been able to use 9 additional runs.

The second moment came in a match on the line for over 19 days.

Do you have a review? Warner agrees to the wrong call | 00:31

Pakistani Star Quick Shaheen Shah Afridi was turning screws in Australia. Australia faced a difficult scenario that required 20 runs from the last 10 balls.

Wade was on the verge of becoming another Australian victim as Hasan Ali mistimed his slog straight into the deep mid-wicket he was waiting for.

Australia’s hope was virtually dead and on the verge of being buried, but Ali overruns the ball and knocks it to the ground.

What happened next, if any, will not be forgotten immediately.

Wade seized the opportunity by hitting six three times in a row to win the Australian semifinals with the remaining six balls.

“If we were taking that catch, it might have made a difference,” said Pakistani captain Babar Azam.

“But the way we played this tournament, the way we gelled, I’m very happy as a captain.”

Australia will now face New Zealand in the T20 World Cup final (AEDT 1:00 am) on Monday.

Australians pay after Smith drops sitter | 00:45

Hasan Ali Drop, Mohammad Hafeez Double Bouncer, Video

Source link Hasan Ali Drop, Mohammad Hafeez Double Bouncer, Video

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