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“Grotesque, scratches on the back of the left wing”: The coalition was furious after the Senate’s failure to investigate ABC | Amandamid

NS A coalition of Labor and Senator Green managed to thwart an investigation into ABC’s grievance, which was labeled “political motive” by the ABC chair. Itaba Trose – However, this operation caused some liberal senators to have a stroke.

Queensland Senator James McGrath said: 11th hour Blocked as “left-wing backscratch orgy with ABC and left-wing flatulence grotesque,” and asked to dismantle ABC and sell Triple J.

Deputy whip personal attack Prime Minister’s Captain Pick The ABC chair was unprecedented and seemingly personal. Michael Kroger spray In June, a former Victorian liberal power broker said Batrose was a “desperate failure” and should resign.

“This ABC, which ridicules us, is led by an arrogant chairman who sees ABC as a country separate from Australia,” McGrath told the Senate. “And that’s very sad. Decades of free domination, significantly over-budgeting, and the inevitable consequences of reduced accountability end up in the birdhouses of the workers we awakened to. It’s about hiring an awakened friend to do an awakened job to “wake up”. world.

“But in collaboration with the crowd on the first night, the ABC chair and her companions are in the opera on the first night, biting champagne glasses and ridiculing those who believe in central Australia and the multidimensional and diverse media markets.”

The Senate’s decision to postpone the investigation was a victory for Batrose, who called on the House of Councilors to act to “protect ABC’s independence” a week ago.

A government investigation was conducted by ABC’s complaints department on Fox News. News Corp Broadcasting Station Four Corners Program It was aired in August.

ABC declined to comment, returning to the Senate quote on Monday.

Hits and misses

An independent review of ABC’s grievance issue paper will be released on Friday and requires public submission.

Professor John McMillan, a former federal and New South Wales ombudsman and one of the co-reviewers, pressured external investigations to be submitted by the suspension of parliamentary investigations. He said the story of Australia claiming to have been wrong was wrong.

“It’s a mistake to suggest that an independent investigation into ABC’s grievance with Jim Carroll recently decided to invite public submissions,” McMillan said on Friday. “The public investigation and submission process was planned from day one.

“The standard investigation practice is to invite submissions from the public following initial consultation and preparation of the question paper. This investigation follows that practice. The issue paper will be released shortly.”

I’m confusing the weekend today

A few days after the Seven Reporter offended Adele I haven’t listened to her new album Prior to the exclusive interview in London, Nine Network brought its own international failure.

Today show social media posts about the winners of the greatest songs ever.

Congratulations on today’s show Weekend Awarded Billboard’s number one spot A hot 100 song of all-time list of the hit “Blinding Lights” that banished Chubby Checker’s 1960s hit “The Twist”.

However, a black man in a red suit posted on social media wasn’t a 31-year-old singer.

The photos that Today’s show posted on Twitter and Facebook weren’t from The Weeknd, but from veteran NBC host Arloker impersonating him for the Halloween Special.

Do you want to turn pages?

Former insider regular Gerald Henderson said he was more disgusted with ABC. Drop as a panelist Last year I wrote another book. No, it’s not about his favorite topic, ABC, but it’s all about how ABC covered his friend, Cardinal George Pell.

Henderson was a fierce critic of ABC journalist Louise Milligan, and the cardinal of the book won the Walkley’s award.

Cardinal Pell, Hendou’s book entitled Media Heaps and Collective Sins, is published by Connor Court Publishing, a right-wing boutique publisher. Murder by Ian Primer, skeptical of the climate.

“The trial, retrial, and conviction of Cardinal George Pell, the economic secretary of the Holy See in Rome, for the sexual assault of a historic child has received international attention,” the book’s propaganda statement said. I am. “In April 2020, with a surprising unanimous decision, the High Court of Australia reversed the conviction.”

Gerald Henderson's new book on Cardinal George Pell and the media.
Gerald Henderson’s book on Cardinal George Pell and the media.

Managing Director of a right-wing think tank Sydney Institute, Henderson is an Australian opinion columnist and publishes a weekly blog. Media watchdog, He mainly writes about ABC.

Diversity of doco

ABC has outsourced a number of documentaries that will surely be news next year among various contents. 2022 slate announced Thursday.. In particular, the documentary on Israel Folau said, “Australia’s most talented and controversial athlete … Some have a prejudice against homosexuality, others have been persecuted by a liberal warrior.” I hid.

It seems strangely consistent with ABC’s excitement about the resurrection of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. This parade will be broadcast on ABC Radio and ABC Television under a three-year contract.

Entertainment director Michael Carrington said Industry Blog TV Tonight The two projects were not commissioned at the same time, as Folau was scheduled to air this year.

“One of our goals is to relate to all Australians and tell the story from all perspectives,” says Carrington.

“There is no intentional connection between the two, but this is definitely an opportunity to tell another side of the story and actually explore both sides of the story in Folau’s documentary.”

Another interesting doko is the battle to free Ithaqua: Julian Assange. This is a two-part 120-minute movie following a tireless campaign by 76-year-old retired builder John Shipton to save his son. Julian Assange.. The founder of WikiLeaks is this month Marry his partner in Belmarsh Prison.

“Currently, if handed over to the United States, we are facing a 175-year sentence and the family is faced with the prospect of permanently losing Julian to the US judicial system,” says ABC. “This battle between David and Goliath is personal.”

“Grotesque, scratches on the back of the left wing”: The coalition was furious after the Senate’s failure to investigate ABC | Amandamid

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