Government committed to new Victorian circuit

Dan McCarthy

The Victoria State Government has announced that it will allocate $ 1.7 million from the 2022/23 budget to new motorsport venues in the state and master planning and site due diligence at those venues.

Eugene Arocca, CEO of Motorsport Australia, is pleased with the news and said the funding is a major step in developing an important motorsport venue for Victoria.

“We have been working closely with the Victoria State Government to discuss discussions on new motorsport venues in the state. We know this is very necessary,” Arocca said. ..

“This funding announcement is a great support show from the Andrews Government, where we can see the need for more facilities, like us, as motorsport continues to grow in popularity.

“With this funding, the Victoria State Government and Australian motorsports will carry out preliminary work to find a home for Victorian motorsports, allowing more people to enjoy more motorsports more often. Will be. “

Motorsport Australia states that there is no place off the table and the size and extent of the venue is uncertain.

“This is an early stage in the project, but as many know, we need to work right now for the benefit of future sports,” Aroka continued.

“This support from the Victoria State Government is in addition to the many funding programs they started with us that benefit Australian motorsport clubs and venues.

“A recent Ernst & Young survey found that motorsport contributes significantly to the state’s economy. Motorsport contributes to the direct employment of 4,400 people in Victoria, totaling more than $ 800 million annually. Achieving output. This new venue will only see it grow in the coming years. “

Martin Pacra, Minister of Tourism, Sports and Major Events in Victoria, said the current global growth in motorsport has highlighted the need for more facilities around Victoria.

The record attendance at the Australian Grand Prix in Albert Park, Victoria last month was broken despite the crowds.

“Motorsport participation is growing rapidly across the state and we are working on detailed planning to make it a Victorian motorsport home,” said Pakura.

“We look forward to Australia’s motorsports establishing the location of the Victorian motorsports home and seeing plans for the new district.”

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Government committed to new Victorian circuit

Source link Government committed to new Victorian circuit

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