Google mandates vaccines for employees returning to the office

Google’s vaccine obligations will be adjusted to comply with local laws and regulations, Pichai wrote, and exceptions will be made for medical and other “protected” reasons.

“Vaccination is one of the most important ways to keep ourselves and our community healthy for the next few months,” Pichai explained.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the company is now aiming to bring most employees back to the office from October 18th, instead of the previous target date of September 1st.

Google’s decision to require employees working in the office to be vaccinated is a similar move affecting hundreds of thousands of civil servants in California and New York as part of enhanced measures to combat Delta variants. It happens shortly after. President Joe Biden is also considering requiring all federal officials to be vaccinated.

The surge in cases over the past month has led to more public health authorities calling for stricter steps to overcome vaccine skepticism and misinformation.

Vaccine requirements to be rolled out in California next month target more than 240,000 civil servants. The city and county of San Francisco are also at risk of demanding vaccination or disciplinary action against approximately 35,000 workers after the Food and Drug Administration approves one of the vaccines currently distributed under an emergency order. increase.

It’s unclear how many Google workers haven’t been vaccinated yet. Pichai said in an email that the company has a high vaccination rate.


Google’s decision to extend telecommuting follows a similar move by another tech powerhouse, Apple, which recently moved its plans to return to the office from September to October.

Given that the tech industry is at the forefront of the transition to remote work caused by the spread of the new coronavirus, delays by Apple and Google will impact other major employers to take similar precautions. May give.

Even before the World Health Organization declared a pandemic in March 2020, Google, Apple, and many other prominent tech companies were instructing employees to work from home. This is the third time Google has postponed the date of a full office reopening.

Google’s vaccine requirements can also make it bold for other employers to issue similar obligations to prevent outbreaks and minimize the need to wear masks in the office.

While most companies plan to bring back workers at least a few days a week, others in the tech industry have decided to have their employees work remotely.


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Google mandates vaccines for employees returning to the office

Source link Google mandates vaccines for employees returning to the office

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