Good weekend letter to editors: August 14th

People may be ready to reassess her eccentric and reactionary behavior when Michaelia Cash compensates for the failure of her predecessor Christian Porter and fulfills the worthy federal IACC delinquency promise. ..
Ray Alexander
Mosbert, New South Wales

Wondering how many barriers a wealthy private school girl (whose father was a Liberal Minister and chair of the WA Legislative Council) had to break through to become a Liberal federal senator. think.
Jennifer McKay
Ashbury, New South Wales

Anyone who loves Margaret Thatcher should be banned from having pets.
Tony Doyle
Fairy Meadow, New South Wales


Great Mr Maisel
congratulation Susan Horseberg For her inspiring but non-modulin story of the heroic Philippe Maisel, far beyond a decent human being [July 31].. These Holocaust stories are necessary to avoid being repeated for any ethnic group.One of the best good weekend Works so far.
Ashley Berry
Toolijooa, New South Wales

What a moving story! Philip Maisel reminds me of many “decent” people who are proud to know throughout my life.
Gillian Böhm
Abbotsford, New South Wales

Philip Maisel has much to teach the world about love, family, and the precious gift of freedom that we often take for granted.
Judith Kane
Donvale, Vic


Shaking boat
was fun Alan Atwood piece [July 31].. His refreshing humor and humanity gave me the insight that writing and reading are conversations. It really thanked me for this difficult time.
Kate Dan
Forster, New South Wales

Step 2 Neil Perry’s Corned Beef Silver Side Recipe [July 31] Should have started this way: for a coat bouillon, combine all the ingredients and add them to the pot of water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 30 minutes.

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Good weekend letter to editors: August 14th

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