Gold Coast Titans v Sydney Roosters, Kevin Proctor, Joey Manu, NRL crackdown, high tackle, video

Roosters coach Trent Robinson has blamed the NRL and its associates and essentially encouraged players to lie down after high contact.

The issue of player “milking” penalties has escalated in recent weeks, but Robinson believes that it is the games and officials who are actually compelling this trend.

His comment came after the Roosters’ Joy Manu was slammed by Titans forward Kevin Proctor, the latter being reported but allowed to stay on the field.

Proctor could certainly have been sent to Singbin. Umpire Ben Cummins explained that he didn’t believe the blow was so serious because Manu didn’t look like he was injured and stood up.

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Robinson was smoking when talking to the media after the match.

“The problem I’m having is the height of the head that should have been sent to Bin two weeks ago … but I don’t want the players to lie down, so the referee commented,” They stood up. “is. , They got up, I’m fine with that, “Robinson said.

“So what they are saying is to lie down.

“Players don’t lie down, they stand up and keep going. They will jump up most of the time.

Ondori Press Conference | 09:10

“They are asking, are they part of their ruling because they say’he stood up’?

“Joey Manu’s, do you want us to lie down?

“The NRL has returned it to this gamemanship, this gentlemen’s agreement … just don’t encourage it. It’s not our game.

“And bring it back to the players and coaches. Don’t comment that way.

“It’s really ridiculous, I can’t believe I heard it there.

“If their difference is that the player got up or down, they say they’re still down to our player.

“It’s unacceptable. It’s unacceptable in our game.”

“He may have been sent off in the Magic Round,” said Greg Alexander of the Fox League.

The Roosters prop Jared Waerea-Hargreaves was also reported to have attacked Greg Marzhew.

Fox League commentator Andrew Voss added:

“The crackdown has been officially broken because it is a careless effort.

“Proctor cannot dispute that it will eventually be put in the trash.

“You can rest assured that the crackdown will take a rest. Thank you for joining us. I have been a wonderful friend for three weeks.

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“Look at the tackle and watch him go. The manu goes straight up, but it’s gone.”

Super Early Strength Set Up Ikubal | 00:54

Cooper Kronck said:

“There is no doubt that the game had to protect the player. I got it all.

“But we need consistency. We can’t see some instances move to the bin.”

Comments from Voss, Cronk and Alexander NRL360 With co-host The Daily Telegraph Journalist Paul Kent labels NRL “Gutless” Triggered by Origin I.

Kent had problems tackling Queensland winger Kyle Feldt’s Rabitos and New South Wales back lower Cameron Murray.

“In club soccer, he was sent off three weeks ago,” Kent said.

“So, for all this trash, they keep it’we have to be consistent”-it’s the shoulders of the face.

“It just showed that they weren’t there, it’s all PR and spin, and they’re already weakened.

“They want to change the game and allow it to be a dangerous grade I contact that ends in a fine. Seriously.”

Later in the game, Roosters hooker Ben Marshke was sent to 10 people after hitting Jamalfogarty with his elbow while closing the kick.

Walker sinks Titan in field goal | 00:23

Gold Coast Titans v Sydney Roosters, Kevin Proctor, Joey Manu, NRL crackdown, high tackle, video

Source link Gold Coast Titans v Sydney Roosters, Kevin Proctor, Joey Manu, NRL crackdown, high tackle, video

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