Global tech giant calls on Australia to amend new cyber legislation

Global tech giants have stepped up opposition to the Australian Government’s proposed review of cybersecurity legislation, warning that the bill would force authorities to access the network without due process.

Industry groups representing some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Intel, Twitter, eBay, Amazon, and Adobe, said the new law “creates an infeasible set of obligations and a nasty global precedent. Set up. “

The law gives Australian authorities access to a network of companies that operate critical infrastructure. credit:Bloomberg

Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed last year A wave of advanced cyberattacks on all levels of critical infrastructure, including government, industry, and hospitals, local governments, and state-owned utilities.

The bill will allow the government to do Declare an emergency To empower agencies such as the Australian Signal Authority to connect to the networks of companies operating critical infrastructure to fend off major cyberattacks. In addition, hacked operators have various reporting obligations.

Last month’s federal security and intelligence committee advised the government Divide the invoice in half Passing emergency measures, giving more time for government and industry to discuss other issues.


But in a letter to Interior Minister Karen Andrews Thursday, the Information Technology Industry Council, the Australian Information Industry Association, and the Cybersecurity Union said that the elements of the bill that caused the most concern would be quickly tracked down. Said.

The bill was “extremely problematic and largely unchanged, despite extensive feedback from our organization,” said three industry groups.

The government claims that the authority to force entry into the network is used only as a last resort, but the tech group says the bill will affect authorities “affecting networks, systems and customers of national and international entities. It has given possible unprecedented and widespread authority, “and should follow legally defined mechanisms for judicial review and oversight.”

Global tech giant calls on Australia to amend new cyber legislation

Source link Global tech giant calls on Australia to amend new cyber legislation

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