Global Payment Leader Payryx Announces Local Presence and Solutions in Australia

PayrixWe have entered the Australian SaaS market, which is recognized as a leader in embedded FinTech. The company brings exclusive local products designed and backed by a team of over 35 payment and software professionals. Acquisition of Integra Pay last year.

This entry into the local market has seen significant innovation and growth in both software as a service (SaaS) and the online payments industry, breaking away from traditionally dominant heterogeneous models and multiple providers. .. Local market.

The launch of Payrix Integrated meets the evolving demands of today’s local SaaS vertical market and opens the door to greater scalability and control throughout the payment life cycle. Payrix It offers deep payment integration capabilities, data integration, and more customizability and control, and has a proven track record of enabling customer success.

Fully integrated payment products enable end-to-end omni-channel payments such as payment processing (card-existing and card-less transactions), recurring and real-time transactions, automated payments, billing and reporting. Become. This includes support for local payment types such as BPAY and integration with major enterprise providers such as Salesforce and Xero.

“We are closely watching the local market and have confirmed that we are closing the gap in more innovative solutions that give our clients greater potential for flexibility, management and revenue opportunities,” he said. Payrix In Australia. “We are committed to anticipating technology and customer needs and look forward to deploying next-generation payment solutions to vertical SaaS providers in the coming months.”

Additional US products, including Payrix Pro and Payrix Premium, will soon join Payrix Integrated in the local market. Faced with these deployments, SaaS providers have a long way to go to manage multiple limited systems and become payment facilitators, leveraging a single integration to maximize profitability and a seamless client experience. ..

Payrix combines global support, deep expertise, and local support to develop a state-of-the-art product roadmap with products such as payment promotion as a service and payment infrastructure as a service. Payrix believes that these new solutions (first to enter the local market) will empower Australasia’s vertical SaaS clients to maximize the potential of the platform at any stage of the payment process.

Global Payment Leader Payryx Announces Local Presence and Solutions in Australia

Source link Global Payment Leader Payryx Announces Local Presence and Solutions in Australia

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