Gladys Berejikrian provides little comfort to those struggling for the blockade

The message of Gladys Berejikrian over the last five weeks is one of the partial successes. The prime minister has repeatedly said that we have won the battle because we have never seen Sydney hit the city during this blockade with “thousands, thousands” of incidents.

Of course, the situation in Sydney could have been worse. Other international cities can prove it. But that is not a countermeasure.And it brings little comfort to those who are facing now Trapped for at least another 4 weeks In Sydney as Delta continues to beat us in our game.

NSW Premier Gladys Beregicrian during Wednesday’s COVID-19 update and press

For the past 17 months, the Beregicrian brand has been built on keeping New South Wales open for free, but this latest outbreak has changed that story. The “gold standard” pandemic response set by NSW is currently under threat.Low-wage workers who have lost their shifts, businesses facing the potential for collapse, parents who have to homeschool their children, and the 11 relatives who died in this outbreak may be thinking how bad they are. Sex is low can It has become. They have seen the number of cases increase daily – To the new high of 177 yesterday – And Sydney’s economic outlook deteriorates.

According to data, spending levels in Australia’s largest cities are at their lowest levels since the pandemic began, and unemployment prospects are bleak. The federal government, the country’s largest bank, warns that New South Wales could lose 300,000 jobs in the coming months. It is difficult to understand how any of these are classified as successful.

Beregikrian doesn’t like dealing with hypotheses and says he “doesn’t have a crystal ball.” Delta, as she and her chief health officer Kelly Chant say, is a “game changer” and urged her to label the situation in Sydney last week.

The new stock undoubtedly moved at a rate not experienced in the early days of the pandemic, which clearly surprised the government and its health authorities. But if Berezikrian wants us to focus on what happened, it avoids this long-term blockage in the first place if the crisis cabinet moves to close the city more quickly. It raises a very useful question of whether or not it was possible. A hard and quick approach.

Almost empty street in Cabramatta on Tuesday.

Almost empty street in Cabramatta on Seawell

Sydney was sentenced to another four weeks’ imprisonment when Melbourne broke out of its short, sharp blockade on Wednesday. So it’s more likely that people are looking south at Victoria than comparing themselves to Delta-overwhelmed countries.

Victoria made a serious mistake during the last year and has endured five blockages to three in Sydney (including the beaches in the north of summer). However, Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, including Beregicrian, has been strongly criticized for his enthusiasm for the blockade, but this time his hard and swift approach has been proven.

Gladys Berejikrian provides little comfort to those struggling for the blockade

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