Give AFL Umpire a chance – Beveridge

AFL umpires have found an unlikely ally at Luke Beveridge, where Western Bulldogs coaches are calling on whistleblowers to give whistleblowers a chance to fight the decision to hold the ball.

The rule and its application have recently been scrutinized after St Kilda coach Brett Ratten lamented that he had just three free kicks from 86 tackles with Geelong.

Melbourne’s Simon Goodwin and Port Adelaide’s Ken Hinckley are tighter as they appeared in play two days later when 21 free kicks were paid to hold the ball in a victory over the devil Carlton. Declared the preference of various applications.

In August of last year, frustrated Beverridge said he lost clarity about the referee’s interpretation of ball holding and then stopped coaching players on this subject.

Now he wants to simplify the rules so that the referee can find some degree of consistency.

“Since 2016, it was blurry when some clubs persuaded us and they tried to pay more free kicks,” Beverridge said on Tuesday.

“By the third round (2017), they knew it wasn’t working, so they tried to get it back to its original state.

“This is just one example of a running flinch.

“Give the referee a chance to go back to the previous opportunity and the wrong disposition.”

Beveridge said holding the ball would always be difficult to determine.

“The game is probably faster than ever, so it can be difficult to tell if a player had a previous opportunity,” Beveridge said.

“If they pick it up, there is a moment, it is tackled, and they think it wasn’t before, they are punished and it continues.

“It’s a really thin line, so you can see why the referee finds it difficult in certain situations.

“But keep it simple for them and give them every chance.”

Both Goodwin and Hinckley felt that the St Kilda-Geelong match wasn’t playing well in terms of rewarding Tuckler.

“If the rules are a little clearer, I think it’s easier for everyone. I think we’ll get better results,” Hinkley told AFL360.

“I’m with (Goodwin). I’m not against holding the ball a little more refereeing than it is now.”


Give AFL Umpire a chance – Beveridge

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