German police foil anti-vaxxer murder plan

German police say Saxony’s anti-vaccination activists have revealed plans to kill the East German Prime Minister, adding concerns about increasingly violent protests against compulsory vaccination plans.

Plans to kill Michael Kretschmer, the leader of the state with the highest COVID-19 infection rate and the lowest vaccination rate in Germany, were discussed in a group chat on the messaging platform Telegram, police said.

Members of a group called “Dresden Offline Burnetts” or the Dresden Offline Network, according to Saxony police, said in a Telegram message that they may have firearms and crossbows.

After searching several sites in Dresden, police said “the first allegations were confirmed.”

Protests against new restrictions on unvaccinated people and plans to require vaccination of some German groups have recently become more violent with increasing attacks on doctors, politicians and journalists.

People who work in hospitals and nursing homes will be required to be vaccinated from March 16th.

The German Broadcasting Federation reported on Tuesday that more than 12 politicians, the press and public agencies had received a letter containing a wrapped chunk of meat, threatening “bloody resistance” to the measure.

In September, a Saxony vaccination center was targeted by an arson attack. Last month, a group of protesters with lit torches gathered outside the house of the Interior Minister of Saxony, which was considered an implicit threat of violence.

The Dresden vaccination opposition Telegram group has caught the attention of authorities after a report by broadcaster ZDF last week. Members of the group said they had discussed killing a representative of the Saxony state government.

German police foil anti-vaxxer murder plan

Source link German police foil anti-vaxxer murder plan

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