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German elections at Knife Edge in the coming months of a coalition | Germany

Germany is ready to enter a new “Dutch-style” political era after Sunday’s federal elections. This is because the Knife Edge vote represents a complex coalition of controversies over several months.

Outgoing Prime Minister Angela Merkel To help her designated successor from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), she participated in a campaign trail at a rally in the western city of Aachen on Friday night. Armin Rachette, Fill the gap of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) on the left center.

“We need a stable government,” Rachette told the crowd at an event in his home city. “If you need German stability, CDU-CSU [Christian Social Union] I have to be number one tomorrow. “

At an event in the capital of southern Germany, conservative Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder vowed to “turn the game around.” He warned that Germany should not be a “testing ground for left-wing cheating.”

In polls over the past few days, the CDU has tracked the SPD revived last month in a dull, sometimes unfocused campaign, although the gap between the two traditional Broad Church parties has narrowed slightly. Did. In the final poll released by pollster Allenschbach on Friday, 26% of the votes were center-left ahead with Whisker, followed by 25% center-right. In other polls, the gap was too narrow to be statistically significant.

But even if Sunday’s results reflect the forecast, the two are Volkspartien – The Party of People – is just a shadow of the electoral power they had in the heyday of the 1970s. He supported 90% of the referendum among them.

Instead, voting is certain to spread parliamentary seats more evenly than in previous elections in modern Germany, and the SPD or CDU will support two more parties to build a governing majority. You may need it. (Even if the hierarchy reverses over the last eight years, it is unlikely that the grand coalition that has ruled the country will repeat itself.)

CDU Rachette or SPD candidate Olav Schortz may receive good applause from the loyal party on Sunday, but the strongest party at night will not automatically run for the next prime minister, two second The two-tier party is the power of the new Kingmaker on Monday.

The Free Democratic Party (FDP) was once a traditional German conservative junior partner, but the Greens had previously shared power with the Social Democratic Party. But in this year’s campaign, they are already showing openness to new adventures.

“It’s right for us to make things easier. [Christian Democratic] FDP leader Christian Lindner said on Friday that he was “union and green over SPD and green” and expressed his preference for a “Jamaica” coalition. This is said to be because the traditional colors of the party reflect the colors of the Jamaican flag.