Genre Ka Paluka: Roy Hodgson was a great Intel coach, but the press sneaked into his skin | Roy Hodgson

I I have great memories of playing below Roy Hodgson.. He was an honest and sincere person, but above all he was a great coach with a lot of knowledge. He prepared the game very well and taught us a lot. He didn’t win anything at Intel, but his impact was great.

Thinking of Roy, I have a fixed image. Before the training session, he shook hands with the players one by one. We didn’t understand it, so we looked at each other with an almost incredible smile, but he was a real gentleman and this was his way.

I haven’t experienced it at any other time in my career, but he was a man of another era and a great man. After training, I sometimes talked to him and talked about golf and tennis. It was his great passion, but he was also confident about his personal life.

Roy repeated the name of Bjorn Borg before, during and after training. “We have to be like Bjorn Borg. I want a way of thinking like Bjorn Borg.” Then, after training, he talks to some of us about tennis and Borg. I stopped. Let’s say Borg was his beautiful obsession.

Roy’s only drawback was that he hated the media because he received so much criticism. He bought the Mainichi Shimbun to learn the language, but he regarded journalists as enemies. It was a constant struggle between Roy and reporters.

He will be really nervous for it and enter the dressing room. I told him with my teammates: Inter is a great club and criticism is normal. But he couldn’t accept the criticism from journalists. It infuriated him.

When he got angry, he spoke only in English. Thinking about it makes me laugh. The scene was strange. It was almost desperate to see him scream and swear in every article that criticized him as we entered the dressing room. I will never forget when I took the lead in Juventus and lost 2-0. Roy was furious when he returned to the team bus. He went up and down saying, “We’re not worth losing, it’s not fair” – and some rude words in English. We were worth losing, but he was worried about what the newspaper would write.

Roy was an intelligent man who lived for relationships and football. He wanted to learn Italian to improve communication with the team and made him understand himself. His language wasn’t perfect, but these things are appreciated by players. Roy spoke English only with Paul Ince.

After qualifying for the UEFA Cup in Roy’s first year and advancing to the semi-finals, he lost to Schalke with a penalty, but was attacked because his defense was too high. We played very aggressive football and always risked scoring goals, but he did not accept the criticism.

In the semi-finals, five minutes before the penalty, Roy took the penalty kick on behalf of Javier Zanetti, the team’s true symbol. Zanetti was angry in front of San Siro as a whole, and 85,000 ferocious fans shouted Roy for his choice. Roy responded to the fans in turn, and after that episode we were penalized for thinking the game was lost.

In general, Roy liked to compliment the player. In the early days when he couldn’t speak Italian well, if we won, he hugged me and said: Die, Genre mosquito. Forza grande, Genre mosquito. He was always motivating me.

I had only one verbal battle with him. In the match between Coppa Italia and Cagliari, he spoke bad words in English in a low voice. I understood him and answered in the same way. The next day he put the team together and apologized. Many thanks and the problem has been resolved. It was a wonderful person’s gesture.

Here in Italy, there is a popular legend that Hodgson demanded the sale of Roberto Carlos to Real Madrid. Everyone has accused him of forcing Inter to sell perhaps the youngest left-back Roberto Carlos in the world for many years. But in my opinion, it bothers me because the club sold Roberto Carlos. I don’t think they believed him.

Roy never went into the details of the story or blamed the sale of the club, and Intel fans love him as a person for this reason. It shows what he is like.

He has an extraordinary style and has been one of the most popular footballers for many years. Thank you. He is not just a manager, but a gentleman.

Former Italian goalkeeper Gianluca Paluka played for Intel from 1994 to 1999.He was talking to Fabrizio Romano

Genre Ka Paluka: Roy Hodgson was a great Intel coach, but the press sneaked into his skin | Roy Hodgson

Source link Genre Ka Paluka: Roy Hodgson was a great Intel coach, but the press sneaked into his skin | Roy Hodgson

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