Generation Z was the hardest mentally hit by a pandemic, according to a study

New York: Ages between the ages of 13 and 24 can be particularly terrible, and a new study reveals that the coronavirus pandemic is causing further damage to this age group.

The world’s attention is focused on the physical destruction of COVID-19, Mental health challenges are slow to emerge.. And in one of the most turbulent times in human history these days, no one will be as seriously affected as the adult or near-adult generation.

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New studies are beginning to assess psychological sacrifices, the latest being a poll conducted jointly by the MTV Entertainment Group and the Associated Press-NORC Public Relations Center, published Monday in the United States.

Approximately one-third of respondents aged 13-56 said that pandemics were the main cause of stress, but nearly half of respondents aged 13-24 said that pandemics were a major cause of mental health and general life. He said it had a serious impact.

Among Gen Z Americans born between 1997 and 2012, 46% are pandemics pursuing educational and career goals, compared to 36% for millennials and 31% for Generation X. Said making it difficult. There is a similar gap, with 40% of Gen Z respondents describing the specific suppressive effect of a pandemic on attempts to find love.


Generation Z also found it more difficult to maintain a solid friendship. Forty-five percent of them feel that way, compared to 39% of Gen X Americans between the ages of 41 and 56.

They like 16-year-old Ivy Enyenihi, who tried distance education last year but had little face-to-face interaction, and Tanner Boggs, 21, a college student who told AP about his studies and mental and physical health. It was people. When he spent last year’s school year in the bedroom of an apartment, his motive was a hit to learn the decline.

The findings correlate with what is seen in the field in the areas of health and education, AP said. Months of distance learning and limited social interaction have resulted in casualties between teens and young adults, who report a high rate of depression and anxiety. This is in addition to the academic setbacks that suffered during online education.

Generation Z was the hardest mentally hit by a pandemic, according to a study

Source link Generation Z was the hardest mentally hit by a pandemic, according to a study

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