GBST Wins IBS Intelligence NeoChallenger Bank Award for Time Deposit Comparison Calculator

GBST A time deposit comparison calculator designed for Australia’s first challenger bank, Judo Bank, to improve online customer engagement and drive new customer applications, and was awarded Australia’s first IBSI NeoChallenger Bank Award in 2021. ..

GBST CEO Rob DeDominicis commented: “We are proud to be recognized as an Australian recipient of the IBSI NeoChallenger Bank Awards. We are honored to have more than 80 companies from more than 30 countries participating and the submission of the award was clearly outstanding. . “

Brianna Dobing, Digital Manager at GBST, said: This is a clear testament to the digital capabilities and innovation that the team has provided to more than 80 clients around the world, including Judo Bank.

“The background to the design of the tool focused on the user journey and how it makes it easy for judo prospects to make a direct visual comparison of time deposit products. It was important to show how much more money you could make than your competitors.

“We have built a self-service process that holds customers accountable by investigating and evaluating product options and allowing them to apply seamlessly through the Judo online application process if they are satisfied. This was achieved while always staying on the bank’s website to maximize conversion rate opportunities. Built on GBST’s Equate calculation engine, this tool is mobile-first and at the same time all It is designed to respond on your device. “

GBST Was tasked with maintaining a clean and intuitive interface while providing easy-to-understand tools with enough information to notify users. This was achieved by developing two input fields that the user must include for investment amount and duration. The calculator then displayed the results for a total of five products. One was from Judo Bank and four were from other related financial institutions.

Other product factors such as product rates and status can also be compared within the same calculator. This was done using an open API that allows GBST to get the latest product information from various financial institutions.

Towards 2022, the GBST Digital Team is excited to work with additional new clients to implement market-leading tools and calculators. These can be integrated with open APIs or product feeds and easily extended for comparison with other financial products such as loans and aging fund products.

The GBST Digital team works with financial services clients around the world to improve brand reputation, build brand advocacy, enhance online customer journeys, engagement and drive acquisition. GBST customer experience experts create custom digital solutions for financial institutions, from calculators to portals, apps and content management systems.

GBST Wins IBS Intelligence NeoChallenger Bank Award for Time Deposit Comparison Calculator

Source link GBST Wins IBS Intelligence NeoChallenger Bank Award for Time Deposit Comparison Calculator

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