Fujitsu joins KBR and Leidos to modernize defense system

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As part of its $ 175 million program, Fujitsu has signed a three-year contract with the Australian Defense Ministry to strengthen and modernize its existing and future ICT environment.

Fujitsu is working with KBR and Leidos to provide services such as service desk capabilities, end-user and workstation support, VoIP and email communications, collaboration tools, network infrastructure, and network service management across all defense operations. I will.

In this program, Fujitsu, KBR, and Leidos will support approximately 70,000 users, including field troops, ships at sea, joint headquarters and support locations deployed domestically, locally and worldwide.

The key deliverables of the contract include the ongoing maintenance of an operational and deployed ICT environment, which is an important part of Defense’s operational capabilities. Centrally managed security, certification, and enterprise governance that integrates deployed ICT with Defense’s broader network. Strengthen the capabilities and skill sets of the sector’s ICT workforce. Build strategic partnerships that drive performance and prioritize continuous improvement.

Fujitsu was added in 2010 to support the division by winning competitive bidding agreements following its delivery capabilities and strong customer orientation.

Fujitsu joins KBR and Leidos to modernize defense system

Source link Fujitsu joins KBR and Leidos to modernize defense system

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