Freedom for Hour returns to Winton Raceway

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Last year’s Freedom for Hour took place the day after the COVID restrictions were lifted in the state.

Despite the uncertainties of the times, cars in the good field got on the grid, Enduro ran for four hours without a safety car, and four cars brought about a tight last lap battle for the podium.

This year’s Freedom for Hour is a spring event on September 10th at Winton Motor Raceway.

The event is aimed at improved production vehicles, but can also participate in other state-level categories, and the organizers expect interest from categories such as the Porsche 944, BMW E30 and Toyota 86. ..

Freedom 4 Hour is open to different types of race cars

The rules include a limited time for stopping refueling time, depending on the capacity of the tank, and the assigned drum fuel pump is available to all competitors.Raceworks Promotions organizers Ben Schoots and Dean Lillie told AUTOACTION about this year’s Winton run and the future of the event.

“Last year, it was well received by the participants, and based on that, we would like to bring a wider variety of cars to the grid,” Schoots said. “We want about 20 cars, but 40 is better.

“We were able to keep costs low despite inflation and be able to achieve that as much as possible for more budget sensitive racers.“We all aim to be able to drive and compete in the same way as the state series.”

Dean Lillie of Ravage Raceworks talked a bit about how the idea came about by another person behind the event.

“It came from talking to a group of improved production competitors here in Ravage (Ravage Raceworks). I just went there about 12 hours a year ago, and that’s it. Everyone thought it was unrealistic to be able to do it, to be patient with our car, “explained Lily.

Freedom4Hour competitors will find it easier to refuel

“Nothing like that really existed. We all agreed that there should be something like that. That was what happened last year.”

Regarding the future of the event, Lily also expressed her desire to grow on existing concepts.

“We want to grow it, and we want to keep it at one event a year, but we’re starting another track, such as” Bend “between interstates. It also includes doing one highway. Since we hatched the idea, we’ve been discussing its potential. He confirmed AUTO ACTION.

Events are currently open for entry. For more information, Raceworks promotion website.

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Freedom for Hour returns to Winton Raceway

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