Fran Kirby: “It’s hard to do what you’re doing with England in Chelsea” | England Women’s Soccer Team

“NSIn the past, I was very worried about doing the same thing as other people and always compared. “She’s on the training pitch, so I have to go to the training pitch today,” says Flankerby, who eventually breaks down.

Chelsea and England forwards The struggle is well documented.. The 28-year-old, who entered the international arena at the World Cup in Canada in 2015, not only increased her inventory, but also suffered from injuries and illnesses, which meant she was absent for about two years. Of her career.

Kirby is flying again, as evidenced by the fact that it won almost all domestic personal awards last season.

“It was very difficult because I had my first injury last year when I was away from England and I wanted to be here and play well, feeling like I was kicking in a club,” she said. Say at St. George’s Park in front of England. Play against Austria in Saturday’s World Cup qualifying. “I feel good now, so I want to build with this team and continue learning from Salina. [Wiegman, the manager].. Good at the moment, the group is in a good place. It’s probably one of the best places I’ve spent a long time in this group. Everyone is ready to go. “

Injuries and illnesses helped Kirby understand her body and how to get the most out of it. She is now relieved to explain those needs.

“Unfortunately, we have to deal with many setbacks,” she says. “It’s something I had to deal with throughout my career, not only illness but also injuries, and I think each injury is difficult, but now I understand more about how to overcome the injuries. ..

“It’s about understanding my body, knowing when I need to recover an extra day, and knowing when I need to recover more. I recover every day as it is now. I’m in the pool every day and do an ice bath every day after training. I go to the gym late at night to recover. 24/7. How can I move my body over and over again? I’m always thinking about getting ready. “

Kirby says Weegman is “really open” to conversations about loading and rest. “I was picking up all these little giggles and couldn’t give them all completely when I left. When Salina comes inAt the first camp, I had an honest discussion about my feelings and how to get into the camp, so I took a break for two days.

“Being able to have that honest conversation [is important].. Before that happened, perhaps everyone had to do the same every day, and didn’t work for some people. It was difficult to come in and say I needed another day. “

Fran Kirby feels there is still room for improvement in his performance in England. Photo: Lin Cameron-FA / FA / Getty Images

Weegman joined England from the Netherlands in September, leading the team to the Home Euro title and World Cup finals. It’s Kirby says the team is hanging all her words.

“She is a proven winner. You can’t blame someone for being in front of someone who has played in the World Cup finals and won the Home Euro. You have to believe everything they say. None of us have achieved that-I know some of the girls went to the finals before [at Euro 2009] ..

“She was confident and made us feel good about ourselves. She came and was shocked by the level we were showing in training and our passion and motivation. I’m glad to hear that from someone on the winning team. “

Britain has long struggled to get the most out of Kirby. The catastrophic clinical form she has for Chelsea is not yet consistent at the international level. It is partly due to the different skill sets of the players around her, as well as the different roles she is required to play.

“I had a really good conversation with Salina. We are on the same page the way we want to play football: we want to hold the ball. We expect to be in the midfield area rather than climbing the pitch, This is a difference, but that’s what I’m learning and trying to understand, and I’m working on my defensive role, “she says with a laugh.

“It’s difficult because I link very well with Sam [Kerr at Chelsea] And I try to play as well. But obviously playing in a different position is hard to do in Chelsea, England, but I always want to give 110% in everything. I always want to be a creative player. Become a player who scores goals. So I’m a bit low and I think we need to improve on the final product in the UK. “

Fran Kirby: “It’s hard to do what you’re doing with England in Chelsea” | England Women’s Soccer Team

Source link Fran Kirby: “It’s hard to do what you’re doing with England in Chelsea” | England Women’s Soccer Team

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