Forming a Better Diet for Older Australians

Pure Food, Inc.Australia’s mission is to nourish the world’s older people through quality food and nutrition, and to maintain the nutritional levels needed to lead a happy and healthy life in Australia. It is about making positive changes to people.

Founded on the first-hand experience of seeing illnesses that make it impossible for loved ones to eat, the company has continued to innovate and collaborate to bring the Shapes of Goodness series to Elderly Housing and Hospitals in New Zealand and Australia. ..

Launched in July of this year, Shapes of Goodness is a delicious, nutritious, safe and easy-to-drink food with a variety of texture changes. This product is shaped to regain the enjoyment of eating, and diners are reported to consume up to 40% more.

Sam Bridgewater, co-founder of Pure Food Co, explained how his personal experience was the catalyst for change in him.

“My world changed forever when I saw him unable to eat because of a family illness. Emotional effects are how other people with such challenges deal with it. We have begun a journey to find out what to do.

“Our research shows that so many people are having a hard time enjoying food and are getting the nutrition they need. In fact, almost a quarter of older people. Are malnourished, which means they are more frail, less independent, and often unhappy, “says Bridgewater.

Founder and Director of PureFood Co, Sam Bridgewater and Maia Royal.

“Our mission is to regain the true value of food by making delicious food that helps people prosper when they are in their most vulnerable positions.”

Hospital + health care We talked to Dee Reddy of PureFoodCo about our nutritional needs as we grow older and how geriatric care providers can influence this area.

As we grow older, which dietary nutrients become especially important and what if these requirements are not met?

“Evidence shows that as we age, we have an increased need for protein to stay healthy, recover from illness, and maintain physical function. The fact that activity levels often decline. Nevertheless, our energy needs are often increased.

“Depending on the level of comorbidities and the health of the individual, older Australians need additional energy in the form of kilojoules to support good health outcomes. These requirements are not met. If you are more likely to experience malnutrition and weight loss, it will affect your quality of life and health outcomes, which will increase the level of care you need and increase the burden on your health care professionals.

“Malnutrition in the elderly can lead to weakened immune systems, reduced wound healing, increased falls, decreased bone / muscle mass, and reduced ability to fight infection.”

How do specific nutrient requirements and the range of Shapes of Goodness that are difficult to achieve in an elderly care setting help overcome this challenge?

“People in geriatric care facilities, especially those with texture-altered diets, often have higher demands for protein and energy. Textured because it is difficult for older people to eat large amounts of genetically modified foods. Getting enough nutrients in your food can be difficult.

“Shapes of Goodness is nutritionally fortified to provide extra protein and energy per bite, making it easier for individuals on a textured diet to meet the increased requirements. . “

The Shapes of Goodness range is designed to be visually appealing and at the same time delicious.

Approximately what percentage of residents in a geriatric care facility need a textured meal, and what is the main reason for this?

“Approximately 15% of Australian elderly caregivers eat a texture-altered diet. As part of managing dysphagia (dysphagia), residents can eat a texture-altered diet. People with dysphagia have altered swallowing processes that can result from conditions such as dementia, stroke, head trauma, Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease, cerebral palsy, and acarasia. “

What are the factors that led to the development of Shapes of Goodness?

“We believe that food is more than just a fuel for our body. Healthcare and food curates recipes and flavors specially made for the elderly. There are experts. For example, our roast lamb is very rich in flavor and visual appeal (looks like a lamb chop), and for those who eat it, it reminds us of Sunday roast and is happy to eat well. Helps keep you.

“Meals are usually the highlight of the day for most residents of long-term care facilities, and they can enjoy their meals in a beautiful way.”

What kind of reaction did you receive from residents and certified care workers?

“We received positive feedback from seniors and senior care professionals. Elderly care workers commented on the significant improvements in texture-enhancing foods offered to residents. They say they have the peace of mind that their residents are receiving the best presented tasty foods that are full of nutrition. “

Feedback from care professionals

“I’m the kitchen manager at Taradale Rest Home. We’ve been using The Pure Food Co products for a while. We’re just starting out with shaped products and love it! Good looking and time saving However, many residents who have a modified diet cannot give verbal feedback, but they find that they eat well. To maintain the dignity and respect of their loved ones. It’s good for my family because I’m doing everything I can. ”Amanda Jean Olsen

“I definitely recommend this company and this product. The shaped food looks great and has received a lot of feedback from the residents. A friend who also needed minced meat, moist and puree food, that’s him. Said it was the best I’ve ever tasted. ”Trish Gapes, Selwyn Foundation

What factors should be considered when providing meals to residents of a geriatric care facility?

“Training and education are key to the diets offered to residents as special diets. We offer courses dedicated to providing a safe texture and increasing nutritional needs.

“Other important considerations are staff involvement, kitchen capacity to properly prepare meals, and budgets for geriatric care facilities.”

Forming a Better Diet for Older Australians

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