Former NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay resigns from parliament

Former New South Wales Labor Party leader Jodi McKay has announced that he will resign from the state legislature.

The shock announcement is set to trigger a by-election in her seat in Strathfield, just months after she resigned from her role as a leader in the New South Wales Labor Party.

In a statement, Ms. McKay advised on Sunday that she had informed New South Wales Speaker of Parliament and current Labor leader Chris Minns that she would resign.

“I am honored to be the first leader of the New South Wales Labor Party democratically elected by party members. As a leader, I want to rebuild confidence in the party and increase the party’s accountability. In support of internal reforms. “

“I also sought to rebuild workers’ relationships with rural and regional New South Wales and show that workers were more than just urban parties.”

Ms. McKay recalled her most “fun part” of reaching out to the multicultural community of New South Wales and attending their religious and cultural celebrations.

Her announcement puts an end to over 15 years of career in New South Wales politics.

In her statement, Ms. McKay said she missed her colleagues, staff and members, along with the “groups and individuals” of “the diverse and beautiful voters of Strathfield.”

“I have always been loyal to myself and my principles and have endorsed the right thing, regardless of the outcome,” she said on Sunday.

Ms. McKay, who was reelected to the Strathfield seat in 2015, won the Labor Party ballot in 2019.

She resigned as a Labor leader in May and was accused of internal instability by colleagues within the party at the time.

Ms. McKay faced criticism, partly due to speculation about her leadership, after the Labor Party was bruised in the upper hunter by-elections.

Former NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay resigns from parliament

Source link Former NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay resigns from parliament

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