Former North Melbourne coach Dani Laidley sues Victorian police

Former North Melbourne player-coach Dani Laidley has sued Victoria Police, claiming she was exposed to “humiliation and ridicule” when police leaked a photo of her in custody.

Ms. Raidley filed a warrant with the Victorian Supreme Court this week, stating that she continues to suffer injuries, losses and damages as a result of officer actions.

It was after police officers took a picture of the computer screen, including a photo of Ms. Raidley, formerly known as Dean Raidley.

The photos were distributed to other police officers and the general public through text messages and social media.

On the same day, senior detective police officer Murray Gentner published a photo on WhatsApp group, which includes about nine police officers.

He is then alleged to have sent it to other police officers with the words she was a “real tranny” and “dressed like a tranny.”

Raidley in assistant coach mode during the 2015 match in Melbourne.Photo: Quinn Looney / Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Another police officer took a second photo of Mr. Raidley while she was in the police room where she was being interviewed. This image was also circulated among other police in the same WhatsApp group.

The warrant claims that the message about Ms. Raidley was also republished on social media.

The two photos and messages between police officers were widely disseminated on social media and through Victoria and beyond, the warrant says.

Raidley during a Carlton training session. Photo: George SalpigtidisSource: News Corp Australia

“The nature of the first and second photographs and the words conveyed by the plaintiff’s police officers were like inviting and exposing the plaintiff to humiliation and ridicule.”

“Plaintiff has been injured in her emotions, credibility and reputation, brought into public ridicule and contempt, and continues to suffer injuries and losses.”

Ms. Raidley claims that she was under the care and responsibility of the state while she was in custody and was obliged to take reasonable care for her physical and mental security.

She is seeking exacerbated punitive damages.

Former North Melbourne coach Dani Laidley sues Victorian police

Source link Former North Melbourne coach Dani Laidley sues Victorian police

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