Ford sees Focus ST where truck days thrive

Ford Focus ST – Automobile companies often help organize customer tracking dates. Ben Nightingale, Ford’s communications manager in Australia, has seen these events flourish with the abolition of blockades in several states.

BN: “They are fully subscribed to the number of days of the truck until they actually hold the truck night from 4pm to 5pm. You can move to the truck, drive the car and work on the lights. You can. A safe and controlled environment. As you know, we test its performance. This is the inability to go home on the go. So that’s definitely what we’re seeing more and more.

Q: And will the racetrack continue to exist?

Generally speaking in most capitals, you’ll find that each type of racetrack is as busy as ever. And I know that’s the case with Sydney Motorsports Park. I believe in the Queensland Raceway,

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NS: As it grew from the late 80’s to the 90’s, it was like an evolution that definitely incorporated not only V8 but also hot hatches.

BN: We definitely did. In the 90’s, I think we started to see the shift to compact cars, which still have a lot of growls. And, as you know, the rise of Japanese hatches in the 90’s certainly helped and helped it. We all love it, but I think we still love it. I personally love hot hatches.

NS: I think some rally-derived cars have a little quicker denial of the idea that a turbocharged 4-cylinder could be a fairly high-performance machine.

BN: As you know, the Audi Quattro of the 90’s and the $ 4.200 have shown that a small capacity turbocharged engine can be a tremendously powerful and fast vehicle. I think they caught the younger generation and people of my age. As you know, I wasn’t too far from the age of 40, and people who weren’t raised at that time certainly started moving towards cars with smaller capacity turbochargers.

NS: Has Focus ST, the sale of these hot hatches as part of a common focus model combination, changed over the years?

BN: Yes, it’s definitely ST in the focus range. It has been seen to grow to almost 40% of the mix in 2021. This shows the market preference for these types of vehicles. In addition, alongside the shrinking small car segment in Australia, we can see the rise of performance cars in hot hatches. This underscores our decision to move forward with a focus on ST.

NS: The manual still has some of them. Is this a fortress to maintain it, at least as an option?

BN: Yes. You see, especially in the hot hatch segment, I think the manual is still important. The smallest hot hatch for Fiesta ST is manual only. Focus is provided with both an 8-speed automatic or a free optional 6-speed manual transmission. For Focus ST, you can split 7030 from automatic to manual style. In short, cars make up the overwhelming majority of sales.But there are definitely many markets that want to shift the gear they win.

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Ford sees Focus ST where truck days thrive

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