Foodland Offers Local Producers First Retail Preparation Program

Foodland Supermarkets, along with Food South Australia, offered the first Retail Ready Program to more than 50 local food and beverage producers, informing them of how brands can grow and successfully enter retail space. ..

The Foodland brand currently supports a network of 95 stores throughout South Australia. The first program was designed in collaboration with Food South Australia.

“The Foodland brand is always synonymous with supporting South Australian business,” said Christopher Villani, General Manager of Products and Strategy at Foodland Supermarkets.

“This is an opportunity to provide valuable insights to see us engage with new and exciting brands and see them establish their first commercial relationship with us in Foodland.

“Our network is trusted, strong and reliable, and we want to educate small businesses across the food and beverage industry to understand the business foundations and best practices for product growth in today’s retail environment. I am. “

Expert advice is provided in areas including financial considerations and pricing, production scale, sustainable practices, marketing and promotion, distribution and merchandising.

Area specialists at Norman Waterhouse, Moore Australia and KWP! Sustainability consultant Peter Wadewitz will give a presentation to attendees.

“We bring together all the advisors we trust and work with to help us maintain a strong business now and in the future,” said Vilani.

The brand is excited to attend the workshop and explore the possibility of entering the retail space one day, said Catherine Sayer, CEO of Food South Australia.

“Such opportunities do not appear every day,” says Sayer.

“This program gives up-and-coming business owners the opportunity to ask all the questions you have about how to successfully create a product or brand that people want to buy over and over again.

“We look forward to each operator learning from this experience and growing.”

Foodland Offers Local Producers First Retail Preparation Program

Source link Foodland Offers Local Producers First Retail Preparation Program

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