Food and beverage manufacturers supported for up to $ 25,000

Small and medium-sized food and beverage manufacturers are working to save energy costs, improve energy efficiency, and adopt new energy technologies under the new $ 1990 million round of the Federal Government’s Energy Efficiency Community (EEC) program. You can now apply for up to $ 25,000.

Grants can be used to replace existing equipment with more energy efficient models, perform energy audits, and improve energy monitoring and management.

Food and beverage manufacturing is Australia’s largest manufacturing industry, contributing approximately $ 22.4 billion to the economy. The federal government is supporting this important sector of the economy in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic through programs such as the EEC program.

According to Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction, Tim Wilson, the EEC program targets food and beverage manufacturers, including some of Australia’s most energy-intensive SMEs.

“The Morrison government is boosting the competitiveness of food and beverage manufacturers through grants to reduce electricity costs and emissions as part of Australia’s carbon solution. It’s an engine room in an economy that employs one manufacturing worker per person. A neutral future, “Wilson said.

“We support great Australian manufacturers like Victoria-based Officer Bellevue Orchard. These companies and others across the country are investing in new energy-efficient technologies to make their energy consumption more complete. You will benefit from understanding it.

“Reducing unnecessary energy consumption also reduces emissions, and the Morrison government focuses on technology rather than taxes to make it more competitive, create new jobs and reduce Australia’s environmental footprint. It is in. “

The application will be terminated on February 18, 2022, or earlier if the funds are exhausted.

Food and beverage manufacturers can visit for details, grant guidelines, and applications. Or call 132846.

Food and beverage manufacturers supported for up to $ 25,000

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