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Fonterra raises opening prices for the 2021-22 season

Fonterra raised its opening price by 10 cents as Australian processors counted down a few days before the 2021-22 season.

Auckland-based processors have identified an average weighted price of $ 6.95 / kg of milk solids from the $ 6.55 / kg milk solids initially offered last month.

The $ 6.55 / kg figure was confirmed by the mandatory Code of Conduct deadline of June 1, and was raised to $ 6.85 / kg a few days later.

René Dedoncker, Managing Director of Fonterra Australia, showed an increase in the average price of farmgate milk, which consists of 8 c / kg of milk fat and 11 c / kg of protein.

“The price has risen to $ 6.95 / kg of milk solids, reaching the upper limit of the forecast range we provided when we opened on May 10. This supports farmers and is competitive milk. It reflects our commitment to paying the price, “he said.

The announcement by Fonterra will be made just days after Sapt raises its opening price to an average of $ 6.95 / kg milk solids.

Earlier this week, Saputo’s Director of Supplier Relations, Anthony Cook, said:

Last week, Bra confirmed a third pre-season step up to the lowest price.

Colac-based processors have increased their starting price range from $ 6.85 / kg to $ 7.35 / kg milk solids, up 15 c / kg across all four supplier price categories.


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Fonterra raises opening prices for the 2021-22 season

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