Flight Center (ASX: FLT) stocks partially recovered as bosses sought calm

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NS Flight Center Travel Group Co., Ltd. (ASX: FLT) Stock prices continue to fall in a spiral today. This is despite the company’s CEO Graham’Skroo’Turner asking Australians to stay calm as the details of the Omicron variant become known.

But it’s better than this morning. Immediately after ASX opens Flight Center stock price plummeted to $ 15.21, Represents a 11.2% drop.

The company’s share price is currently trading at $ 16.96, 1.05% lower than the previous closing price.

For context, S & P / ASX200 Index (ASX: XJO) is currently down 0.4%.

Let’s see what is affecting the stock price of the flight center.

Flight center stock price falls in COVID-19 variant

Flight Center’s stock price has fallen, despite Turner’s appearance at Nine’s Today Show.

There it is reported that he said he was new COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) Variants are something we have to get used to and there is no reason to panic.. Australian person Quoted Turner As the saying goes:

[Variants are] It happens every few months, every six months, every year, so we need to learn to live with it, move on, and keep our plans open.

I think it’s really important that we don’t get hooked. We look at science based on facts, not on emotions.

Turner reportedly said he specifically wanted Queensland not to postpone the planned reopening date for the new variant. The state is currently welcoming visitors from December 17th.

A variant of Omicron was identified late last week.that Flight Center stock may have plummeted 7.4% On Friday.

British officials subsequently warned that they were uncertain whether existing COVID-19 vaccines or treatments would be effective against Omicron.

But infectious disease expert Dr. Nick Courtworth, who also appeared at this morning’s today show, isn’t worried yet.

He said the mutant has so far been shown to induce mild symptoms when compared to the delta mutant. However, the main concern surrounding variants is how fast they appear to be spreading.

Yesterday, New South Wales Health confirmed two people who tested positive for COVID-19 when they arrived at Sydney Airport on Saturday. Infected with a new variant..

Flight Center (ASX: FLT) stocks partially recovered as bosses sought calm

Source link Flight Center (ASX: FLT) stocks partially recovered as bosses sought calm

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