Fitness Industry Veteran & Wellness Coach Scott Capelin Tops The Charts With International Best-selling Book “inShape, inLove, inSpired”

Scott Capelin has worked in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years and has built & sold 7 successful fitness businesses. Over the years Scott has trained thousands of people to become fit, healthy, and happy through his fitness studios and coaching programs. Scott also mentor’s business owners with past clients including the head of NAB, CEO of Caltex, Lendlease Head of Retail and Founder of Bowerbird Property Styling. 

Sydney, Australia – November 19th, 2022, Wellness, Life Coach and author Scott Capelin has officially announced the release of his highly anticipated book “inShape, inLove, Inspired!”. Scott’s new release has already achieved International bestselling status in all relevant categories and the paperback version is set to be released on July 19th. The three sections of this book, inShape, inLove and inSpired, all have a close relationship with each other. inShape refers to personal health. inLove is about relationships and the influence these relationships have on people and their decisions, life choices and outcomes. inSpired covers topics such as work life — whether or not they love it and if it is an extension of their core values.

As Founder of inLIFE Wellness Studios, Scott Capelin has dedicated the last 20+ years of his life to helping others not only get in shape physically, but also mentally. He is a qualified Personal Trainer, Life & Mindset Coach with a Bachelor of Commerce, helping clients reach their full potential with extensive business mentoring experience in the fitness industry and wellness arena. His extremely successful wellness studio, inLIFE Wellness based in Sydney has recently began expansion and has opened up for franchising opportunities.

During a recent interview, Scott Capelin was quoted as saying, “I am an experienced wellness coach who helps people like you master the areas of health, relationships and living life with passion. My purpose is to maximize the abundance, joy, and happiness of those I help, by creating a balance that aligns with their own values. The three sections of this book, inShape, inLove and inSpired, all have a close relationship with each other. Without having a positive relationship with yourself it is impossible to bring your best self to your relationships with your loved ones. You will not be the best parent or the best partner you can be. If you are not happy, fulfilled and inspired, you won’t be living with maximum energy and vitality.”

He went on to say, “The road to success was no easy journey for me and after learning from my failures and obstacles, I was able to identify the most common challenges and how to overcome those challenges to find ultimate success. Success in my professional life as well my personal life. After overcoming many challenges and rising to the top of the fitness industry, it has now become a passion of mine to help others become successful, not just professionally but also personally. The aim of this book is to inspire you to lift your game as an individual, parent, and partner. It is designed to get you thinking about what you want from the next 3 decades of your life, and how you can be the best version of you both for yourself and your loved ones.”

To read more about Scott Capelin’s international bestselling book “In Shape, In Love, inSpired” or to purchase a copy, visit his official website at

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